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Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich to Accept the punishment for Seeing his Sick Son Amid Lockdown

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Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich says he is ready to accept any punishment his German club, Bayern Munich may slam on him for leaving Munich to go and see his sick four-year-old son, Jermar, amid lockdown.

Just like other states in Germany, Bavaria, the state where Munich is located, has been on lockdown in order to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. No one is expected to leave his/her home except it is extremely necessary.

Hence, Bayern Munich issued a statement on Thursday saying that Jerome Boateng has broken the laid down guidelines of Bavarian government for leaving his home and he has to be fined for it.

“These guidelines govern the behaviour of the FC Bayern players in the current situation in line with the Bavarian state government’s directives on restrictions on movement and the recommendations of the health authorities”, the club says.

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“FC Bayern believes the club has a responsibility to be a role model. As a consequence of this transgression, the club has decided to impose a fine on Boateng.”

Though the club did not reveal the amount the 31-year-old Ghanaian-born German national team player would pay as a fine, the club says the money would be donated to hospitals in Munich.

Jerome Boateng Admits that he has made a mistake

Jerome Boateng Admits that he has made a mistake

Reacting to Bayern‘s statement, Boateng admitted that he made a mistake for not informing the club before leaving the city to see his sick son. He told German newspaper ‘Bild’ that he would accept any punishment for the sake of his son as no father would hear that his son was sick and wouldn’t make the kind of decision he made.

“I know that it was certainly a mistake not to inform the club about my trip, but at the moment I only had my son in mind.

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“He was not in good health. When a son calls his father, of course, I will still go, no matter what time.

“For him, I accept any punishment; after all, he is my son.

“I want to see the father who does not go in such a moment to be with his four-year-old son. If there is a punishment for it, then I respect it. I find it sad.”

Jerome Boateng has been playing for Bayern Munich as a defender since 2011 when he left Manchester City. He has made at least 300 appearances for the German Club scoring 8 goals.

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