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Coronavirus: Neymar Insists that He is Still quarantining Despite Evidence that Proves Otherwise

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Brazilian international, Neymar Junior has been under fire for flaunting pictures of himself and friends hanging out at a beach volleyball court in his residence in Brazil amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Paris Saint-German of France player was expected to go into self-isolation after the French League was suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the league was suspended early March, Neymar wore an entirely new habit of flaunting his home activities on his Instagram page with over 130 million people.

Such activities didn’t go down well with authorities in Brazil that have been trying to curb the spread of the virus in the country.

However, the handlers of the 28-year-old footballer issued a statement to assure authorities that the PSG star is observing the social distancing order which is being observed in Brazil like every other part of the world.

Neymar and friends not observing social distancing
Neymar and friends not observing social distancing

In the statement, the management of Neymar said the people that appeared in the series of pictures Neymar shared on Instagram were friends that followed him to Brazil to observe their 14 days self-isolation with him.

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The statement noted that the player and the group of people who he was seen playing with, flew in a private jet with him and he has not welcomed anyone else into his house aside from his son, Davi Lucca since he returned to Brazil.

Neymar Still does his daily workout

Neymar and friends not observing social distancing
The player and friends not observing social distancing

The statement reads in parts: “The photograph… shows Neymar alongside people who are in quarantine with him, people who travelled with him from Paris to Brazil.

Neymar invited those people to spend the 14 days in quarantine there before joining their respective families.”

“The house where the player is fulfilling quarantine is completely isolated and allows peace and serenity for him to continue training.

Neymar continues to do his daily workout, to prevent injury and maintain his fitness, with his coach Ricardo Rosa. [He is] looking forward to the end of this sad moment for humanity and the return to work that will follow.”

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