Bayern Munich dismisses rumored swap deal of David Alaba and Manchester City Sane

    SPORT PREVIEW sane bayern swap
    SPORT PREVIEW sane bayern swap

    Bayern Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has dismissed the rumor that the German top dog club is planning a swap deal with Manchester City that will see David Alaba switch to the English club and Leroy Sane welcomed into the German team. In his words, he described the rumor speculations that have “nothing to do with reality”.

    This has put the future of the two players into an island of uncertainty as their contracts with their teams run toward the end, their contract is expected to expire in 2021. There have been speculations around linking the Austrian 27-year-old left-back with a transfer to Real Madrid and Barcelona and other exciting destinations in Europe.

    Leroy Sane, on the other hand, has experienced a great set back to his career after suffering a heavy blow of knee injury which has hindered him from featuring in any game this season. However, the Bundesliga King has been quite keen on signing the 24-year-old Manchester City winger for a while. This has propelled football analysts in Europe believed that Bayern Munich could revisit their interest in signing the youngster when the next transfer windows open in summer.

    The Bayern Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge while speaking with TZ said: “As I’ve heard, rumors are circulating that we would like to hand David Alaba over to Manchester City in exchange for Leroy Sane.”

    “In addition, I say very clearly: This is Grimm’s Fairy Tale and has nothing to do with reality.”

    When he was asked about the swap deal that has been proposed by David Alaba’s agent, Rummenigge stated equivocally that a swap deal is not an option for Bayern Munich. “I would like to say very clearly that this is not an option for Bayern at all, we are not in the bazaar.”

    “I would like to emphasise that we are currently only talking to players whose contracts expire in 2021,” Rummenigge said.

    “No one knows today exactly how the coronavirus crisis will affect football in the coming weeks and months,” he added. “Therefore, we have put the topic of newcomers on hold. 

    “But I can already predict one thing today: Both the transfer fees and the salaries will now be re-checked by all clubs across Europe. Supply and demand will regulate and adjust the market.”


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