Jennifer Hermoso Files Criminal Proceedings Against Luis Rubiales For Sexual Assault


The crisis rocking Spanish football has deepened as Jennifer Hermoso has filed criminal charges against Luis Rubiales for sexual assault.

Spain 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy celebrations was marred with a firestorm of backlash on a footage showing former Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales, kissing one of Spain’s women’s team forward and former Barcelona star, Jennifer Hermoso.

Luis Rubiales wrapped his arms around Hermoso while celebrating the players and planted a kiss on her lips to the dismay of all.

His action has been described as a disgrace to Spanish football with some sections of Spanish football officials, fans, and professional players asking him to resign.

Luis Rubiales

However, in a shock move by Luis Rubiales, the 46-year-old football chief stated categorically clear in Spanish football General Assembly that he will not resign because he has done nothing wrong. He blamed ‘false feminists’ for instigating a campaign of ‘social murder’ on his reputation and further emphasized he will not resign.

Rubiales maintained the kiss with Hermoso was consensual and reflexive as well and he did not have any ulterior intention to sexually assault Hermoso as claimed by the media.

Following his decision not to resign, Hermoso had issued a public statement debunking Rubiales’ claims she consented to the kiss.

The former Barcelona forward said she felt assualted and disrespected by the gesture and had never asked Rubiales for the kiss as he claimed.

The row between Luis Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso divided Spanish football officials into pro-Rubiales and anti-Rubiales camps.

Luis Rubiales

Some members of Spanish FA resigned and withdrew their support for Luis Rubiales while others stood by the embattled football chief, backing his decision not to resign.

However, FIFA stepped in and separated the fight with a three-month provisional suspension of Luis Rubiales pending the outcome of investigations into the allegations.

FIFA also ordered Spanish FA to stop making attempts to contact Jennifer Hermoso until investigations has been concluded.

Luis Rubiales losing the fight for his defence

It appears Luis Rubiales is losing the fight for his defence due to the unfolding drama on the kiss incident. Rubiales offered a new contract to World Cup winning Spain women’s team coach, Jorge Vilda while he was annoucing his decision not to resign because the latter was his strong ally.

Now, the Spanish FA, under acting president, Pedro Rocha, have revoked the new contract and fired Jorge Vilda in an attempt to sanitize the body of pro-Rubiales elements. Pedro Rocha, who belonged to anti-Rubiales camp, apologized to football fans across the globe for Rubiales’ behavior and fired Vilda to make amends for the possible damages to the reputation of the football governing body.

Hermoso files charges against Luis Rubiales

Hermoso has reportedly filed charges against Luis Rubiales for sexual assualt due to the kiss scandal.

This means Rubiales will come under the searchlight of Spanish prosecutors, who are set to investigate and launch criminal proceedings against him.

Spanish outlets confirmed Hermoso opened criminal proceedings against Luis on Tuesday, 5 September 2023.

Rubiales, who has stood strong on his claim his kiss was consensual, could face a lengthy jail term if found guilty.


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