FIFA Suspends Luis Rubiales, Clampdown on Spanish FA Over Kiss Scandal


FIFA has clampdown on Spanish Football Chief, Luis Rubiales, and Spanish FA over the brewing World Cup kiss scandal.

Luis Rubiales, who has come under the wires for a scandalous World Cup kiss on Hermoso, deepened the row when he belch with fury saying he has been wrongly targeted by ‘social murderers’ and ‘false feminists.’

Speaking before an emergency general assembly of Spanish football officials, Rubiales sounded warning to all his critics, reemphasizing he will not resign from his role as Spain Football Federation President.

According to him, his kiss with Hermoso was consensual hence he has no questions to answer.

Luis Rubiales

Rubiales’ decision not to resign came as a shock to Spanish football fans and major stakeholders in Spanish football. Before his much-criticised address to the Spanish FA general assembly, reports from various media outlets in Spain said Rubiales will resign following the heavy backlash but Rubiales decided to defy the odds and keep his position.

According to reports, Rubiales has support from some members of Spanish FA despite the heavy backlash from mainstream media and other football stakeholders in Spain.

There were reports the Spanish FA were responsible for different narrative of the kiss scandal, saying Hermoso consented to the kiss.

Luis Rubiales

After Rubiales announced his decision not to resign, Hermoso debunked Rubiales’ claim as false, saying she did not consent to the kiss. Hermoso also revealed the Spanish FA have made attempts to coerce her into making a statement in favor of Rubiales.

FIFA suspends Rubiales, clampdown on Spanish FA

We reported FIFA had begun proceedings on Rubiales following the allegations. The world football governing body kicked off investigations on Rubiales for alleged ‘offensive behavior towards Hermoso.’

Luis Rubiales
FIFA suspend Luis Rubiales

Now, FIFA has taken its prosecution of Luis Rubiales a step further. It has confirmed the suspension of Hermoso from all football related activities for three months.

FIFA statement confirming the suspension says the suspension is a provisional step to stop Hermoso from discharging his duties pending the outcome of Investigations into the scandal.

Also, Spanish FA has been barred from making further attempts to contact Hermoso.

“FIFA have provisionally suspend Mr Luis Rubiales from all football-related activities at national and international level.

“This suspension, which will be effective as of today, is for an initial period of 90 days, pending the disciplinary proceedings. The Spanish FA are also barred from contacting Hermoso,” the statement reads.

FIFA’s decision to suspend Luis Rubiales will be big blow to his grandstanding in the unfolding drama linked to the support of few Spanish football officials.

However, not all members of the Spanish Football Federation is in support of Rubiales. His vice-president Raphael del Amo announced his resignation in protest of Rubiales’ decision to continue as president after the scandal.

“I have presented my resignation after seeing that Luis Rubiales continues to head the Spanish federation,” Rafael del Amo said in his resignation submission.

Spanish footballers, top officials, including other football administrators have all rallied around Hermoso, calling for Rubiales to step down.

The suspension by FIFA will aid investigations into the scandal. Rubiales will face lengthy ban if found guilty by FIFA. He could also serve jail term if found guilty by Spanish government, who has also commenced proceedings on him after he refused to step down.


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