Jadon Sancho Returns to Manchester United After Solo Training In The Netherlands


    Manchester United forward Jadon Sancho has returned to Manchester United after his solo training in the Netherlands.

    Jadon Sancho

    Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag recommended a training facility in Holland (Dutch amateur club OJC Rosmalen) for Jadon Sancho after he was left out of the England World Cup squad.

    The former Ajax manager confirmed Jadon Sancho needed to work on his physical and mental fitness after he was left out of the Three Lions 2022 World Cup squad and last featured for club on October 22 against Chelsea.

    The Premier League, including other elite football divisions in Europe, observed a short break as the World Cup was set to kickoff.

    The 2022 World Cup was the first World Cup tournament that took place in the middle of bustling domestic league competitions in Europe. Clubs had to battle with keeping tap of their players that have been left out of the national teams’ World Cup squad.

    Players who did not join the tournament, had individual training programs recommended by their coaches to keep them abreast, pending the resumption of the league after the World Cup break.

    While the individual training programs are a great recipe and alternative plan deployed by some managers to keep some of their players in shape, concerns among Man United fans spiked when Erik Ten Hag confirmed Jadon Sancho was yet to return to the team after going on the individual training programme.

    Also, Jadon Sancho missed out on Manchester United’s mid-season training during the World Cup break.

    During the mid-season friendlies, Erik Ten Hag confirmed Sancho is still mentally and physically unprepared to play. However, there were more concerns when Jadon Sancho hibernated, staying off social media, and was nowhere to be found.

    In the midst of the concerns over his whereabouts, it was still unclear when he would return to the team. Manchester United resumed competitive football after the World Cup break with a 3-0 Carabao Cup win over Burnley without Jadon Sancho returning to the team.

    The 21-year-old also missed Manchester United’s Premier League win over Nottingham Forest at Old Trafford.

    Now, Erik Ten Hag has confirmed Jadon Sancho has returned back to the team.

    ‘He is back in Manchester and will start individual training,’ said the United boss when asked for an update on Sancho’s comeback.

    However, Erik Ten Hag added Sancho will continue in his individual training with the club, and will now be closely monitored.

    “Of course, the time is coming but the time is not now. He is making progress and we will see when he is ready to return to the squad”, the coach said.

    Before his sudden slip in form, Jadon Sancho witnessed a resurgence in his career and form under Erik Ten Hag. He shone in Manchester United’s preseason tour, and had started the Premier League season on a good note.

    In eight matches, Jadon Sancho scored three goals for the Red Devils, and last featured for the team in a 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

    He will not make the Red Devils starting eleven despite his return and will continue on his individual training program at Carrington.


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