Is Fifa Fut Weekend League stressing you? Are you losing games and don’t know why?

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Fifa FUT Weelend League is big deal, and many Fifa players spend countless hours playing the game weekly, sometimes daily. But what we found common is the frustrations that players feel when they keep losing games.

Most Fut Fifa players see themselves winning Rival games at a good rate then they play the Weekend League and it looks like they forgot out to play Fifa video game again. If you are stressed, just know that you are not alone, if you are losing, know that you are also not alone.

But what we can help with a few tips on how you can win more games during the Fifa weekend league.

  • Have good players
  • Do not break the bank in buying players, it will not improve your winning rate, you may still lose to an average team anytime.
  • For the Fut Weekend League, you have 30 games to play, spread it out, Play some on Friday, some on Saturday, and some on Sunday.
  • Learn to take a break, the more stressed you become, the more goals you will surely concede.
  • Study the elite player channels – You can watch a lot of Fut champions to winners matches to see what you are doing wrong and learn more a bit.
  • Learn how to tackle.
  • Make use of counter-attacks.
  • Do not give the ball away freely.
  • Find your opponent’s weak point and penetrate – If the person is weaker on the right, push the ball to the right, if they give you space in the middle, keep the ball in the middle so you can increase your chance of scoring
  • Protect your lead, sit back to defend but do not pass the ball around on your side of the field for too long
  • Set up your in-game tactics – Let the computer work for you

These are the tips that you need to win more games when playing FUT Weekend League. Good luck.


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