I have Benjamin Mendy’s Secret child after holiday coitus – Yolanda Aguera


Frenchman and Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has a private love child from a Mediterranean getaway romance. 

Last week, it came to the fore that the Premier League star is paying the mother Yolanda Aguera about £350 monthly for the upbringing of their daughter after she asked for a four-figure amount. 

The child who is currently three years old was born after Mendy met Yolanda, a former banker, at a popular hotel in Barcelona and accompanied her to a party at a mutual friend’s luxurious crib in the city.

He didn’t argue over the paternity of the child

Benjamin Mendy, did not argue over being the father of the child. However, things could get more complicated financially for the French footballer as his £90,000-a-week deal at Manchester City is expected to end in June. 

Yolanda Aguera and the secret child
Yolanda Aguera and the secret child

This brings about questions on if he would be able to pay the mortgage on his £4.8 million apartment in Cheshire. 

Benjamin Mendy has also been suspended without pay since September in 2021 when the 28-year-old was indicted with sex offences. 

Discussing exclusively to The Sun on Saturday, Yolanda who resides in a mini one-bedroom home in the city outskirts of Barcelona, stated: “The last three years of single parenting have been hard.

“Initially I was getting up two hours every night to breastfeed and helping to look after my grandmother during the day before she went into a retirement home.

“Since my daughter started at nursery school this year I’ve had a bit more freedom to look for work but I’m having to focus on jobs that will enable me to fit in with her timetables.

“The money Ben is paying will help but I’m worried about how I’m going to make ends meet and ensure our daughter doesn’t want for anything.

“I was getting just over £400 a month in state benefits up until they ran out a week or so ago.

“My mortgage is £550 a month so at the moment I’m relying on the little savings I have and help from my parents.”

The Spaniard says she wants Benjamin Mendy to be present for their daughter

Yolanda Aguera said: “I would like Ben to be there for our daughter as she grows up.

“He hasn’t got any kind of meaningful relationship with her just now and has only seen her once when we flew to Manchester and visited him at his home in Cheshire.

“She loves playing football and is left-footed like her dad and if I have the money I’d like her to start extra-curricular activities in sport and music which she also seems to have a passion for when she begins proper school next year.”

While talking about their holiday romance, Yolanda established that they first met at the fashionable W Hotel in Barcelona in July 2019.

Yolanda said: “I had gone alone for a drink with a female friend and we got talking to him and his pals.

“The attraction was instant and mutual.

“There was music on the terrace and after we danced he sat me on his lap and we kissed.

“My friend told me he was a footballer because I had no idea who he was when we first met.

“We all ended up in a nearby apartment they seemed to be renting where one of Benjamin’s pals had offered to cook dinner.

“Before we sat down for the meal Benjamin took me by the hand and guided me towards a bedroom where we had sex.”

Yolanda Aguera discovered she was pregnant five week after the incident and became a mother after an emergency Caesarean on the 22nd of April in 2020.

Yolanda did not pen Mendy’s name down as the father on the birth certificate

She told Benjamin Mendy about her pregnancy but did not put his name down as the father on the birth certificate even though he has not argued over being the father of the child. 

Since then the pair have been making efforts to reach an agreement for the upkeep of their daughter. 

The mother of Benjamin Mendy's daughter
The mother of Benjamin Mendy’s daughter

The Frenchman has been battling legal issues at Chester Crown Court after he was indicted with seven counts of rape against four women, one attempted rape and a sexual assault of a sixth lady. 

Benjamin Mendy was found not guilty of six counts of rape and the sexual assault but will face are rehearing in June after the court did not reach a judgment on a rape count and the attempted rape which he claims innocent over.

Benjamin Mendy has accepted visiting rights to his daughter

The 28-year-old Spanish mistress has revealed that the footballer has accepted visiting rights to his daughter. She added: “She’s adorable and always happy and she’s the spitting image of her dad.

Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy
Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy

“My mum was the first person who held her in her arms in the hospital and told me how similar they were the moment she saw her.

“I wouldn’t change her for the world. I had sleepless nights when I was pregnant wondering if I was doing the right thing by having her but the moment I had her in my arms she changed my life.

“She’s the most incredible person I have in my life and my reason for living.

“I wouldn’t turn the clocks back even if I could.

“God has rewarded me with this daughter. Being a mother right now means everything to me.”


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