Embattled Manchester City Star Benjamin Mendy Makes First Public Appearance After Rape Trial


Embattled Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has made his first public appearance after battling with a court trial for alleged rape.

Benjamin Mendy

The France defender was spotted smiling and taking a walk on the streets of Cheshire with his pals.

This public appearance by Benjamin is coming two weeks after the Chester Court acquit him of allegations of rape by prosecutors.

Benjamin Mendy suffered bruises of accusations by several women who indicted him for turning his isolated mansion at Cheshire into a rapist den.

He was said to use subtle means such as home parties to set up his victims and forced them into sex. He reportedly had a personal fixer, Matturrie, who assisted him in procuring his victims and facilitating his rape plan.

According to prosecutors who fell heavily on Benjamin Mendy and prayed the court to convict him, Benjamin was a “predator” who “turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game”.

In one of the many setups to track down his victims, Benjamin Mendy is said to have locked his victims in a “panic room” and hid their phones so they couldn’t escape.

Benjamin Mendy is also said to have leveraged on his fame to prey on his victims, use them and dispose of them like refuse dumps, but his lawyer has described such claims as baseless and ridiculous, saying Mendy is not the kind that will intentionally harm the opposite gender for his gains.

Benjamin Mendy

Meanwhile, Mendy confessed during the trial it was ”honestly easy” to use his status to attract his victims and that he had bedded over 1000 women.

Amidst all the allegations brought on the 28-year-old, Benjamin Mendy finally had the better of his accusers in the court

On January 13, he was discharged and acquitted of the charge and was declared not guilty of six count charge of rape and one count charge of sexual assault against four women.

However, the jurors failed to reach a consensus judgment on one count of rape and one of attempted rape against two other alleged victims after 67 hours and 17 minutes of deliberations.

This means he will now return to court and will be retried on June 26 on the one-count rape charge and attempted rape, for which the jurors could not reach a decision.

After he was discharged and acquitted from the six-count charge of rape, his lawyer said Benjamin Mendy was “delighted” to have been cleared of sex attacks and “looks forward” to clearing his name at re-trial.

At the retrial, the alleged victims and the prosecutors will now have another chance to prove beyond all reasonable doubt how Benjamin Mendy deployed “toxic and dangerous” situations at his six-bedroom Cheshire home.

His alleged fixer, Saha Matturrie, was also cleared of three counts of rape charges on two teenagers, but the jurors also failed to reach a consensus on three counts of rape and assault against five other women.

In the buildup to the trial, he was suspended from Manchester City squad after his arrest. The Premier League giants have refused to comment after his discharge by the court after it was confirmed he will appear in court again for a retrial.


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