Here is Why Football is The King Of Sports

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The world of Sports has been playing a major role in the entertainment space, and football is doing pretty better than others in that direction.


The 2022 World Cup and the Super Bowl – an American biceps and muscles game, is a case study.

Every year, American football fans eagerly await the blockbuster event that has turned so popular garnering more viewers and followers than even Presidential debates. The 2022 Super Bowl was not an exception.

The Super Bowl, The National Football League’s championship game consistently tops the list when it comes to sporting events in the US compared to other events.

While millions of people are tuned in for the game itself, the A-list halftime act and even the commercials attract viewers as well.

The most recent Super Bowl, which featured the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, drew 112.3 million viewers, up from 96.4 million the year prior in the USA alone, while global followers who tuned in to watch the event was over 200 million.

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The Super Bowel

Super Bowl is an American football game played to determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL). The Super Bowl LV1 was played between the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Los Angeles Rams who defeated the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Cincinnati Bengals, 23–20 to emerge winners of the 2021 season.

The game was played on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, the home stadium of the Rams, marking the second consecutive (and overall) Super Bowl with a team playing and winning in its home stadium.

Comapring the stats

The 2022 Super Bowel LV1 hit a record number of global viewers of 208million watchers, but the numbers were far below the figures of the 2022 World Cup.

It was a telling stat which underscored the popularity of football in the space of global sports’ entertainment. Football influence in global entertainment industry has not waned but is waxing stronger.

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For the first time in World Cup history, record numbers of global followers tuned in to watch the 2022 World Cup. Over billions of viewers was recorded in each of the 64 matches.

The final of the tournament which pitted 2018 defending champions France against Argentina saw the records soar and interests piqued.

About 1.5billion global audience tuned in to watch the 2022 World Cup final between the two giants of the prestigious tournament.

A further breakdown of the stats show staggering numbers. The number of people that engaged with the 21-day tournament shot to 5 billion.

In the social media space, the tournament swept the platform like a whirlwind dominating groups, and being the center of discussions.

About 93.6million social media users posted the tournament across different social media platforms.

Throughout the tournament, about 262 billion people either watch, post, share, comment or like the tournament.

Compared to the 2022 Super Bowl, football does credibly well in terms of viewership and audience. The numbers are expected to rise in the coming days as remote communities are subsumed into the global village.

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