Cristiano Ronaldo is Unable to Find A Chef For His New Home Due to His Demands [Details]


    Cristiano Ronaldo is unable to find a chef for his new home in Portugal due to his extraordinary demand for the job offer.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo and family

    The Manchester United and Real Madrid legend is reportedly building a mega and luxuriantly designed property in his homeland against his retirement.

    While the structure is yet to be completed, the former Juventus star has listed some vacant positions needed to be filled as he hopes to retire into the sofas of comfort and luxury.

    Some staffs have been hired already although the £17m ‘forever’ is set to be completed in June, 2023. He has gotten his butcher with sources close to the Portugal international confirming a whooping £4,800 monthly salary for the new employee.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez

    Other roles have been filled, but the position of the chef is reportedly still vacant.

    While this has made him reportedly weary as he plans for his retirement, Portuguese media reports Ronaldo’s demands from his new chef has bounced off a number of applicants despite the enticing offer.

    He is reportedly ready to pay up to £4,500 monthly for the role, but no one has been able to meet his criteria so far, and he is still in search of the potential new recruit.

    The new home, which is located in Riviera in Portugal, will house the Portuguese star, his partner Georgina Rodriquez, and his five children.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Although the structure is yet to be completed, Cristiano Ronaldo has already fill some positions such as the butler, housekeeper, and others but the position of the chef is yet to be filled.

    According to Portuguese daily Correio da Manha, the inability of Cristiano Ronaldo to find a chef for his new home is due to the demands made by him and his partner, the Spanish model and influencer Georgina Rodriguez.

    Apart from knowing how to cook traditional Portuguese food, the duo have added an international dish – sushi – a Japanese delicacy, to the menu.

    Ronaldo is said to have specifically designed an area in his new Portuguese Riviera mansion for the preparation of the Japanese delicacy.

    Now, the question of who is going to prepare the sushi for him, Rodriguez and their five children, has kept the Portuguese star still searching.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo wants a chef at his new home

    Many Portuguese chefs knows a great deal about their own delicacy not sushi – a foreign delicacy.

    Sources close to the five times Ballon d’Or winner said his enticing offer of £4,500 monthly have seen applicants crammed up for the job, but non is able to meet his criteria of being able to prepare sushi.

    Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly loves sushi and want it to be a part of his daily meal at his Portugal base when he finally hangs the boot.

    However, his mother Dolores Aveiro, also revealed that his son is also a lover of bacalhau a bras – a traditional Portuguese dish made with salt cod, potatoes and eggs.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother Dolores Aveiro

    While Ronaldo is building the Riviera home to prepare for his retirement, he is currently staying in Kingdom Towers in Riyadh – one of the tallest and most magnificent buildings in the world, after he joined Al-Nassr.

    He is reportedly paying £3,300 per night to lodge in the suite and his bill is estimated to hit £250,000 before he finally finds a new home for himself and his family in his new abode in Saudi Arabia, where he will be plying his trade.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Kingdom Towers in Riyadh

    Ronaldo leaves no stone unturned in giving himself the best life can offer. His controversial move to Al-Nassr has seen him emerge as the highest-paid football athlete in the history of football earning a whooping £173m every year.

    He signed a two-year contract with the Saudi club, and will stay at the club till 2025 when his current contract expires.


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