Game suspended after a fan suffered cardiac arrest during Tottenham v Newcastle match


The match between Tottenham and Newcastle United was suspended when a fan suffered cardiac arrest at the St James’ Park earlier today at the East Stand of the stadium. The fan collapsed and became unresponsive in the 40th minute of the match before the paramedic rushed to help him. 

Tottenham player Sergio Reguilon noticed the player in distress and he alerted the referee who stopped the match to allow the medical staff to attend to the unresponsive fan at the Newcastle stadium.  

The Spurs were ahead 2 – 1 when they were about to take a corner kick and noticed a strange commotion among the fans.  The medical team went over to the East stand and help the fan. Luckily, he was later stabilized and transported to the hospital.

Newcastle United issued a statement confirming the supporter’s condition and added: “The club would like to thank fans for their swift actions in raising the alarm and praise those who provided immediate chest compressions, as well as thanking the on-site medical professionals who swiftly administered emergency treatment using a defibrillator located close to the incident.

“Newcastle United club doctor, Dr. Paul Catterson, also attended the incident to offer additional support with an additional defibrillator. 

“Our best wishes go to the supporter and their loved ones and we hope for a swift and full recovery.”

Tottenham player who alerted the game officials… Reguilon told BBC Sport: “I saw the fans waving and I saw a guy lying down. I saw something wrong had happened. I looked at the gaffer and he stopped the match. I think now everything is OK and 100% happiness.

“It was very strange. We went to the dressing room and I was looking at the man lying down. I was nervous because I don’t like to watch that.”

Newcastle forward Callum Wilson added that it was great that the fand told the game officials that something was wrong so the distressed fans could get help.  

“I think it was massive really – the crowd were fantastic and they alerted everyone,” he told Sky Sports.

“You could hear fans whistling, shouting, then we saw the space clear where this guy was receiving CPR and then you know how serious it is.

“It was disturbing to see the guy like that. We wish him well and wish him a speedy recovery.”

Harry Kane added: “Firstly, we want to say best wishes to the guy in the stands – it was not a good sight to see. We hear that he might be stable now, so we’re thankful to the medical teams and the fans who were doing the CPR.

“Hopefully he’s OK and we wish him all the best from all the players at Tottenham.”

Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane during Bolton’s game against Tottenham in 2012, said: “Once again today shows how important it is to have a defibrillator nearby and how the quick response of people ensures a better chance of survival. I really hope the person makes a speedy recovery.”

“Everybody in the ground deserves credit,” Bruce told BBC postmatch. “I hear the man is okay, thankfully, so it puts things into perspective a little bit. It looks like good news, so I’m delighted for his family.

The match later resumed and Tottenham won 3 – 2. Harry Kane and Son Heung-min shines as Tottenham won to climb to number 5 on the league table.   

“We were beaten by the better team after a wonderful start. Problems that we’ve had for a while now defensively were there for all to see unfortunately.” Bruce added.


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