Buy-back Clause of Sergio Reguilon Revealed


Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur was said to be the only club that agreed to accept the buy-back clause of Sergio Reguilon during their negotiations with Real Madrid.

Sergio Reguilon left Real Madrid for Tottenham this summer unhappy that the manager of Madrid Zinedine Zidane didn’t believe in him. The Spain international was never close to the radar of Zidane and thereby had to spend last season on loan at Seville.

While at Seville, he gave a very good account of himself that he was regarded as one of the best fullbacks in La Liga by many pundits. His performance also earned him a call-up to Spain’s national team.

With his three goals and five assists in 38 matches, Sergio Reguilon helped Seville to win the UEFA Europa League. Still, when he returned to Real Madrid after doing so well at Seville, the body language of Zidane passed the message that the 23-year-old left-back has not done enough to earn regular playing time in his squad.

Hence, Reguilon who is the product of Real Madrid’s youth system had no choice than to look for elsewhere to continue with his development and establish himself as a world-class fullback. Immediately Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur saw this opportunity, they both went in and started competing for his signature.

After a couple of weeks, Manchester United dropped from the negotiations leaving Tottenham to continue and subsequently secured Reguilon’s signature virtually the same day the North London club brought back Gareth Bale from Real Madrid on a season-long loan.

The buy-back Clause of Sergio Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon
Sergio Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon joined Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee worth £25 million. The deal is expected to keep him at the club for five years. However, Real Madrid inserted a buy-back clause in the deal which scared Manchester United away during the negotiations stage.

According to reports, Manchester United said they are too big a club to accept such a buy-back clause for a player. Hence, Tottenham which needed a fullback in Sergio Reguilon’s mode accepted the offer and signed him.

In the buy-back clause, Real Madrid has the chance to re-sign Reguilon in the summer of 2021 or the summer of 2022. All the Spanish La Liga giants have to do is just to pay Tottenham £15 million and Reguilon would be theirs again.

However, Reguilon has to agree to return to Real Madrid before the deal can be sealed. If the Spain international is happy at Tottenham, he has the right to reject Real Madrid when they come calling.

More so, the buy-back clause gave Real Madrid the power to accept or reject any offer that comes for the player from another club within the first two seasons of Reguilon at Tottenham. If Real Madrid accepts an offer for him, Tottenham and the Spanish club will share the proceeds from the deal.


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