Frank Lampard says Chelsea needs more Speed and stop playing safe

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Frank Lampard requests his squad to add speed and stop playing safe

Manager Frank Lampard requests speed from his team and to stop playing safe. He did not fully blame Chelsea players for the 1-0 loss to Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. But he prefers more pace to secure games.

He urges the Blues to be quick after suffering a fourth defeat in five Premier League matches. While having two league defeats consecutively following their 3-1 loss to Everton last Saturday. 

Chelsea has two home losses in recent three home games, following their 1-0 defeat to West Ham and now Bournemouth.

The Blues poor performance gave the Cherries their first win in five straight top-flight defeats. Also, they barely had a target on Bournemouth goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale before Dan Gosling had his 84th-minute winner. The goal initially got ruled out by the referee, later given by VAR making it 1-0 defeat over the Chelsea.

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Lampard’s men will come up against former manager Jose Mourinho as they travel to Tottenham next weekend. While Lampard urges his squad to untie the bonds in which they seem to be playing.

Frank Lampard requests urgency from his squad

Chelsea boss, Lampard in his press conference says:

”We need urgency in our play. Getting it through the lines. Don’t play safe; we played too safe.”

In the same vein, Lampard had announced that he needs to strengthen his team, focusing on the January window.  He insists on a player like Eden Hazard to create and score wonderful goals for the team.

Though the Blues manager did not totally blame the players but only demands urgency in their play. They got control of the game but too slow for the Cherries who were energetic.

“In front of our home fans, it’s clear we are not playing well enough. We are creating a lot but giving away silly goals. We didn’t create enough. We didn’t get the fans excited enough.” Lampard added.

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Dan Gosling jubilates his 84-minute winner with his teammates

Well, Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe could not hide his excitement on his men’s display. Along with the VAR decision in their favor which gave his side a victory in five straight losses. He deeply jubilates the success after the match with his team showing how happy he was.

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