Frank Lampard is not “stupid” he knows that things are not going well for Chelsea


    Frank Lampard has admitted that he is not stupid not to know that things are not going well for Chelsea football club which has been going through a steady decline in the last couple of weeks.

    When the 2020-2021 season kicked off, Chelsea were like a house on fire and a club that would do more this season. There was a point they spent the weekend at the top of the Premier League table this season.

    Such a period made most football fans and pundits to believe that the over £200 million the club invested during the 2020 summer transfer window was already paying off. Recall that Frank Lampard reinforced the team that finished 4th last season with the signing of Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Edouard Mendy, and the free transfer of Thiago Silva.

    The new signings were household names in the various clubs they came from and their performance week-in-week-out in their former clubs was already outstanding, hence, the London club was expected to be explosive in all competitions this season.

    The belief that Chelsea would hit such height with the coming of the new signings came from the fact that Frank Lampard executed the 2019-2020 season with virtually less experienced players and the players managed to finish 4th on the league table.

    Frank Lampard in action at Chelsea's training ground.
    Frank Lampard in action at Chelsea’s training ground.

    As it stands, the enthusiasm that Chelsea’s fans started the season with has drastically dropped especially after Chelsea managed to record just a win in their last four league games. Their drop-in form after beating Leeds United 3-1 at Stamford Bridge on December 5, 2020, has dragged the club to the 5th spot on the league table with 26 points in 16 league games.

    The drop has dramatically turned Chelsea into a club that is battling to make the top four instead of being a club that should contend for the Premier League title as it was earlier projected.

    “I’m not stupid, I know that we need to get results. We want to get results”, Frank Lampard said. “Do I change things? Sometimes, a little bit. I tweak things. I never think I’ve cracked it or that a result had nothing to do with me.

    “You have to search, but you also have to stick to your principles. Sometimes the things that get lauded when you do well get criticized when you don’t purely because of the result.

    “So some things you don’t move away from, but for sure you change other things to get up there. I do that every day.

    “I enjoy the pressure. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have got back into this. I would have walked away at the first chance and that’s something I’d never do.

    “That doesn’t mean you’re as happy as when you’re on that 16-game unbeaten run and that’s normal. But it does make me focus absolutely. You learn more in defeat and tough moments.

    “It’s head downtime. Head down and work. And not consider the table too much. We know we’re there or thereabouts.”

    Frank Lampard and his boys are expected to redeem themselves when they face Manchester City on Sunday, January 3, if the league game is not canceled due to coronavirus invasion of City’s camp.

    City confirmed that 5 of their players have tested positive for coronavirus and that has reduced the likelihood of the match going on as planned. However, as of the time of publishing this report, the schedule for Chelsea vs Manchester City game has not changed. It will kick off at 17:30 on Sunday.


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