Klopp insists on the continuation of Premier League despite COVID-19 scourge

    Jurgen Klopp

    Despite the rising infections of coronavirus discovered in the Premier League, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp insisted that the English topflight should ‘keep going’.

    Contrary to the opinion of the Reds boss, West Bromwich Albion gaffer, Sam Allardyce called for a pause in the activities of the league due to COVID-19 concerns.

    But Klopp belaboured the continuity of the league due to the safety measures put in place. The escalation of positive cases in the league led to the postponement of some matches including ties between Manchester City and Everton on Monday and the London derby between Tottenham and Fulham on Wednesday.

    Earlier this week, eighteen players and staff tested positive of the virus. But it seems the league decision not to halt the 2020/21 campaign and Klopp opinion are on the same note.

    Klopp was optimistic about the activities of the league, encouraging the league to try to do their best in keeping it going.

    “I am not a specialist, but we all try to do our best to keep the competition going,I think it works well.”he said.

    “It is understandable [to have concerns], but we try to do everything to keep the boys as safe as possible and I think the competition can go on.”He insisted

    He laid emphasis on the importance of Premier League matches, as most people wanted to see their clubs play in the league.

    “It is important, as well. People want to watch it and, in this case, we are not part of society because usually we isolate, we go to the training ground and stuff like that, so I think we really can carry on.”Klopp said.

    However the German respects whatever decision the league want to make as regards the scourge

    “But I am not a specialist and I respect all the decisions made in the next few weeks.”

    In Britain, the rise in COVID-19 infections led to the U.K. government to impose stricter measures, including a Tier system which has led to all Premier League clubs now being situated in Tier 3 or Tier 4.

    The manager said nobody should be dazed at the rate at which the epidemic is going and the impact on the round leather game.

    “I think everybody knew before that the winter would probably be a second wave,”Klopp added. “On top of that for us and society, there was Christmas.

    “It is a challenge when it is about self-isolation, so I am not surprised that the numbers go up. But that was in football as well that the numbers have gone up slightly.”He accentuated.

    Liverpool will face Southampton at St. Mary’s on Monday, as the Reds continue their survival at the top of the log.


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