Furious Mourinho tags late postponement of London derby as ‘unprofessional’


    Tottenham manager, Jose Mourinho has expressed his anger at the postponement of the match between his side and Scott Parker’s Fulham, describing the act as ‘unprofessional’.

    The London derby match was postponed less than three hours to kick-off due to the outbreak of the pandemic Craven Cottage.The Portuguese narrated how prepared they were for the encounter, but due to the postponement, it infers that there will be a workload which might affect his team.

    “I don’t want to speak too much about it, just to say I felt unprofessional, but that is the way it was” he started.

    Mourinho said the squad was fully prepared for that task ahead of them, unfortunately, they could not achieve anything, tagging it as mean of  disrupting  a week of football events

    “Training sessions before that would be different if we were going to play that game. People say good for me that there was no game, but only good for me if I knew there was no game.” Mourinho added.

    The manager categorized the postponement of matches in the season as fair enough, but the action took place on a wrong note with both Manchester City and Manchester United crashing out of the first round.

    “I believe that even from before the season started, it started immediately in the wrong way. Because to start the season with two clubs having a match in hand, it’s immediately a wrong start.” 

    The former Chelsea boss said there are many things that are not in placed properly, but people learn to live with it.

    “There are lots of things that are not right. But it is what it is, it’s what it’s possible to have. When you say it’s fair or not fair, we have to say it’s fair” He continued.

    The former Manchester United boss tagged the 2020/21 campaign as a ‘special season with special circumstances’.It was reported that Mourinho took to social media before postponement posting a video showing the Spurs staff and players in their closed environment setting, waiting for kick-off time to approach.

    Tottenham are placed  seventh in the Premier League log  before their next tie with Leeds United on today.


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