FIFA 21: New football manager interface on career mode

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Career mode is about the most popular mode on FIFA, and it has received a new facelift and features with a great interface. The new FIFA career mode now gives more control to gamers than previous editions.

2D pitch display

The Player now has the choice to either watch the football manager mode in ‘dot simulation with dot moving around the screen on a 2D field or could take charge with a push of the button. In a scenario where a player needs a goal to salvage a match or defend a lead but doesn’t trust the games A.I to do that, you could take charge of the game and take direct control.

The old option is also available where you can simply simulate the entire game and let the game take its full course, however when you decide to watch the game data will be provided to guide you on your next line of action as the game develops such as; match rating, stamina level, possession, player rating, and statistics. You still have the ability to make a substitution and tactical changes.

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Off the pitch player management.

In the management of players off the pitch, new features have been added to allow better development of Players with specific attributes for more than one position.
Players can be retrained to adapt to new positions according to their attributes by using special training plans, such as training Timo Werner to play from the flank because of his speed, or you could help train Borrusia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho into a shadow striker due is good finishing.

However, don’t think you can turn a Virgil Van Dijk into an attacking midfielder just because you see a pass stats of 80. The special training plan aids players with their attributes that are weak at, while they become more versatile and develop skills for new positions, all these are just to allow gamers more control in the career mode.

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