FIFA 21: How to score penalties on the newly revamped FIFA.

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Scoring on FIFA21 game can be a herculean task but one the most guaranteed way to score on the game is via a penalty, but that also seems to be a slippery slope for a lot of gamers, they often find it difficult to master and have to lose more than a handful to perfect the art of scoring from spot-kicks.

The new look FIFA

The game designer for FIFA updated the system of taking spot-kick on the FIFA 20 and the same system has been transferred to the latest edition FIFA21, which allows players who have perfected taking spot-kicks on FIFA 20 can easily master it on the FIFA 21

The older version FIFA19 of the game used to have an arrow which could use to gauge your shot and angle before you use the shot button to power in from the spot-kick, while on FIFA 20 the arrow was replaced with a cursor which became tricky to aim and requires some level of skills than the previous indicators.

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Once you master the difficult aspect of aiming and powering your shot, it becomes a piece of cake to score goals from spot-kick, and a bonus haven for the player.

Tips on how to aim Penalties in FIFA21.

The most difficult part about scoring penalties on the new revamped FIFA 21 is how to aim your shot.
However, some players have special penalty attributes that help them aim penalties because their shot cursor moves slowly than other players, which gives them better accuracy than other players such as; Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi, and Fernandes, etc.

To aim your penalty, choose your preferred direction with your left stick, firmly hold on to the analog stick cause they can be very sensitive, and a slight movement can later the direction of the ball. So, once that is sorted, you can power up your shot with the regular shot button. But you must be careful and quick with aiming; if you take too long, the player will automatically take a weak shot down the middle, and you can bet the keeper will most likely thank you for that.

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If you need to hide your cursor from your opponent (in case you are in two-player mode), you can do that with the D-pad to hide the cursor, that turns it off on the screen but every other direction remains the same.

How to power up penalties in
So, now that you know how to aim your spot-kick, here are some pro tips to powering up your penalties.
The perfect penalty will usually fill up two or tow-and-half bar of your power gauge, which gives you enough power to get past any keeper.

How to do a panenka spot-kick.

You can always practice your aiming and shooting on the kill Games Section of FIFA21, once you have been able to perfect that skill and need to add some swag to your penalty kick.
The panenka penalty is the ‘in’ thing to learn when you want to spice up your penalty skill.
To aim is the same, but when you want to power up your shot, you hold the L1 (Playstation) or LB (Xbox) to attempt a dink shot over the goalkeeper.

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Most panenka shots go down the middle, but you can aim towards the side of the post, but always make sure your opponent doesn’t guess right.

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