FIFA 21: How to score free-kicks in the revamped version

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The official gameplay trailer of the FIFA 21 was released on August 4th at about 11 am ET, and I can tell you a lot of new, improved features have been added to the entire gameplay by EA.

Scoring free kicks on the new FIFA 21 is more than just getting the angles right, selecting the right player with the right skillset to execute the bend or finesse is very important in the new game.
So, we’ll show you some tips on how to become a pro at scoring set pieces/free kicks on FIFA 21.
Scoring free kicks on FIFA 21 is one of the most skillful ways to score goals on FIFA21 with a similar system used in FIFA 20. Starting out can be a little difficult, but as you practice more, you’ll probably score them for fun.
Selecting the right kick type and the player is very important, so keep that in mind.

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How to select the perfect set kick player in FIFA21.

Most times, teams have all their players assigned to different duties, and by default, players are picked for different set-piece positions.
Change your free-kick taker before an attempt if he isn’t right for the job by pressing R2 for PlayStation and RT for Xbox; with this, you’ll get a list of all players goalkeepers inclusive and their attributes rating.
Some few things to consider when choosing your set-piece taker
The dominant foot of the player, it could be a left-footed player or right-footed player. A good example would be using a left-footed player for a free-kick to the right.

How to score a close range free kick

Power (PWR), and curve (CRV) are some of the important attributes to check.
How to score a close-range free-kick. A scoring a close-range free-kick is easy when you select a player with a high curve rating free-kick rating; these allow the players to execute a perfect curved set piece.

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Aim the corner of the post with your left analog stick, fill up with two or two-and-half bar and adjust to add curve or top spin as your player makes his run-up and hold the direction until the ball hits the net.

How to score a medium and long-range free-kick

To execute a medium-range free-kick power, you need a player with a high PWR, FKA rating as you need to add more power to your free, unlike the close range.
Aim for the corner of the post; three power bars are enough to ensure the ball doesn’t go over the crossbar.

A direct long-range free-kick can be harder than the medium or close range if you decide to play it directly, but when you attempt with a pass to a nearby team-mate, you most likely will hit the back of the net.
To attempt a long pass aim for the penalty area and fill your power bar to two or three bars, this would vary depending on distance; this allows your attackers to have a run at the ball and hit or head the ball on contact past the goalkeeper.

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Players with good free-kick stats on FIFA21

Memphis Depay, Shunsuke Nakamurai, Willian, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Mavin Plattenhardt, Lionel Messi, Daniel Parejo, Dimitri Payet, Miralem Pjanic, Hakan Calhanogu

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