FIFA 21 Closed Beta released ahead of FIFA 21’s launch

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The FIFA 21 Closed Beta has been rolled out as the release date for the FIFA 21 gets closer.

The Closed Beta gives fans the chance to play the new game well before it is officially released. This means that it is the demo version, as it’s still in the testing phase. Here is where players’ feedback will be gauged on certain game modes.

It also allows EA to get a closer look at not only how the game will handle under wider testing, but also allows for the community and game testers to provide solid community feedback regarding a number of gameplay mechanics.

FIFA 21 Closed Beta already released

The demo is already out ahead of the official release of the real game itself scheduled for early October. It is, therefore, a limited time, a limited capacity test of the new game, designed to highlight any key improvements that need to be made before launch. Improvement can also be made on how game mechanics and servers hold up under wider testing.

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Features of the FIFA 21 Closed Beta

Part of its features includes Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Volta, Kick-Off and other new modes that will be available. All these will be tested for effectiveness.

However, players will only be able to test out specific modes provided they receive a code. For instance, players were initially limited to testing out just FIFA Ultimate Team & Kick-Off, or Pro Clubs and Kick-Off, or Volta and Kick-Off, or Career Mode and Kick-Off last year.

All modes were later unlocked for participants in the final few days of Beta testing.

FIFA 21 Beta Release Date

Although the COVID-19 pandemic somehow delayed FIFA 21 by a couple of weeks, it’s logical to see the FIFA 21 beta being released a little later than last years’ FIFA 20 beta.

FIFA 20 beta invites were shared between the end of July, July 27th to be exact. The FIFA 20 Closed Beta started on August 9th and finishing on August 22nd.

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FIFA 21 Beta began sharing of invites around August 14th. The Closed Beta testing began around August 24th and will run until around September 7th.

Who is allowed to play the FIFA 21 Beta?

FIFA 21 Closed Beta is only available on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Those allowed to play are selected players from FIFA players in the US and the UK who opted in to get EA emails.

So, EA sends out beta codes via email. They been more active in the game modes.

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