Ex Premier League Player Arrested For Drink Driving After Crashing Into a Shop

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An ex Premier League player has been arrested by the police after allegedly drinking too much and crashing into a village store in County Durham with his Range Rover.

The crash caused a lot of damage to the store, and the occupants had been advised to leave the building.

The shop remained closed over the weekend, and the fire brigade was in attendance following the crash at 9.30 p.m. on Friday to put out the fire and prevented it from spreading to the next building.

The Ranger Rover that enter the store

At the time of filling this report, the 37-year-old former Premier League player who is yet to be named had been bailed as the police continue their investigation into the incident.

After dinner and some bears, the unnamed ex-Premier League was rescued from his £40,000 car.

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Premier League

A team of Policemen who were conducting an investigation into a succession of luxury automobile thefts were called in after the incident involving the £15,000 per week player. The policemen were said to be in a routine check in Cheshire’s most affluent village when the incident happened.

Premier League

The officer in charge wanted to let the player leave after the crash but they noticed a bad smell of Alcohol from the player body, since it is a crime in the country to “drive while drunk”, they arrested the footballer.

He was found to have been intoxicated twice and to have been driving over the legal limit after a test, which is a criminal offense in this nation.

It follows a different incident earlier this year in which Burnley midfielder Dale Stephens was given a driving ban after being found to be nearly twice the legal limit.

Premier League players That Were Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was detained on September 1, 2017, while he was a Premier League player for Everton. He was later fined two weeks’ worth of salary for the incident.

Yaya Toure

After being detained on December 6, 2016, the former Manchester City footballer was fined £54,000 and given an 18-month driving restriction. Later, the player expressed regret for the event.

Premier League

Robert Firmino

The striker for Liverpool was detained on December 16, 2016. He received a £20,000 fine and a one-year driving prohibition. He had, however, learned his lesson about the matter since he returned.

Darren Gibson

He was arrested on 16 August 2015 on drink driving situation while he was at Everton.

He was given 20-month driving ban; sentenced to pay riders £100 each in addition to £4,500 in damages for the wrecked bicycle and £1,000 in attorney fees for Mr. Quinn.

A 12-month community order with a 200-hour unpaid labor requirement was also imposed on Gibson.

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Jermaine Pennant

He was jailed for three months after he was caught for drink drinking. Pennant confess he is guilty and was arrested on January 23, 2005

He immediately returned to playing for Birmingham City, although he had to wear an electronic tag at all times, including while on the pitch.

Avoided another jail sentence, banned from driving for three years and given an eight-week jail sentence, suspended for a year.

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