Wayne Rooney of DC United Returns To Manchester To Reunite With His Family After Unsuccessful MLS Season 

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DC United manager Wayne Rooney took a flight back to his hometown, Cheshire in Manchester to spend time with his family after the MLS season came to a disappointing conclusion.

The former Manchester United player came home to be with Coleen and his four children, Kai, Klay, Cass, and Kit, who had remained in England while he was away. 

Rooney, 36, was spotted on Friday afternoon strolling around Alderley Edge, Cheshire. 

When he played for Derby County just two years ago, the beard-sporting footballer appeared to have changed drastically. 

He assumed leadership of the Washington-based team in July, midway through the year, but he has been unable to turn around the club’s fortunes. 

After the MLS season, in which Rooney’s team finished last in the standings, the devoted father of four has traveled back to England to be with his family, including his wife Coleen. 

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Wayne Rooney on a different look

DC United placed last in the Eastern Conference, 21 points short of a playoff spot. 

In the division, they also had the fewest goals scored and the most goals allowed. 

The former England great player has played in 14 MLS games, losing nine and winning two. 

Rooney walking around Cheshire

But now that the season is done, Rooney is back at home and prepared to assume fatherly responsibilities. 

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Wayne Rooney claimed that when he is with his family, he transforms into a “taxi driver.” 

“The kids are out of school, so I’ll return to being a cab driver for a few weeks before trying to book a trip for half term,” he remarked. 

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney unveil as the new manager

Unlike his earlier stint in the country, Coleen and his kids have remained in Cheshire after having trouble adjusting in 2018. 

He dressed casually for his exit, donning a grey tracksuit and padded black jacket. 

He finished his understated appearance while running errands in Alderley Edge by wearing a black helmet and white footwear. 

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Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney announce as DC United manager

Wayne Rooney and Coleen sold their property known as Wayne’s World for £3.7 million, and he is now back home but in a different residence. 

Since taking over as manager of DC United on July 12, Rooney has been dedicated to reviving the team. “The mindset and character of the club need to improve,” he remarked. 

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney

Regarding the following season, he continued, “It’s a big offseason for us. There will need to be significant adjustments, and quite a number of them, if we’re to compete and succeed. 

“It’s my responsibility to pressure the owners, and I’ll do it. We must be careful to make the proper choices this summer if we hope to succeed and grow as a squad and a club. It will take a lot of work, but it is necessary.”

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