Brentford and Brighton Players Clash After Heated Premier League Game

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At the Gtech community stadium, Brentford had the better of Brighton, but a dugout brawl between players and staff of the two clubs also made headlines.

De Zerbi and Thomas Frank, including their staff, squared up against each other

Another dugout clash in the Premier League was witnessed between Brentford and Brighton players at the Gtech Community stadium.

It was Brighton defender Joel Veltman who started the brawl after he shoved Thomas Frank.

Things slipped out of control as the staff and players were left fuming and caught up in a dirty and bitter brawl.

Maybe the bitter dugout brawl would have been avoided if new Brighton chief de Zerbi had held his nerves and allowed the Veltman took his throw.

What Happened?

Veltman man pushed Frank, trying to grab the ball for a throw

Just before the end of the first half, the ball had rolled into the technical area of Brentford manager for a throw.

Joel Veltman rushed to pick up the ball for a quick throw for Brighton. Frank tried to hinder the Holland international by putting his leg across.

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Veltman gently pushed the Bees’ boss as he tried to have his way with the throw, but Frank revolted and shoved the full-back.

Roberto de Zerbi who was just few meters away ran furiously to the defense of Veltman and was challenging Thomas Frank for a reckless gesture.

In a twinkle of an eye, tempers flared up, with the players and staff of both clubs storming the scene of the incident and squaring up against each other.

Joel Veltman did not aimed for a confrontation because he just gave Thomas Frank a gentle push as he wanted to grab the ball for a throw.

It was the reaction of Roberto de Zerbi that sparked the outburst. Nevertheless, Brentford was somewhat kicking against the decision to award the throw to Brighton when it would have gone for his side.

Before the incident, Veltman was spotted in two other scuffles in the game, but it was understood that he did not aim a fight from the push as it was just a gentle and harmless touch.

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Both managers received yellow cards from the center-referee after the incident.

However, the face-off did not last off the pitch as both managers reconcile after the incident.

De Zerbi apologized, offering a hand which Frank accepted.

The Gtech Community stadium clash is the second time two managers have clashed in the dugout after former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and Tottenham manager Antonio Conte squared up in Premier League matchday two fixture at Stamford Bridge.


The face-off between Tuchel and Conte attracted fines and suspension, but is still unclear whether the FA will unleash disciplinary measures on de Zerbi and Thomas Frank.

At the time of filing this report, the FA is yet to issue a statement to the effect of the incident at the Gtech Community stadium.

Brentford humbled Roberto de Zerbi’s in-form Brighton, with England star Ivan Toney bagging a brace to secure a 2-0 victory for the Bees.

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