Dozy Mmobuosi Cliams Racism Is Frustrating His Takeover of Sheffield United


    Dozy Mmobuosi, a billionaire tech entrepreneur from Nigeria, claims that his attempt to acquire the English Championship club has been hampered by unnecessary checks because of the color of his skin.

    Sheffield Takeover: Dozy Mmobuosi Cries Out On Racism Frustrating Deal

    The 43-year-old billionaire has spoken with the current owner, Prince Abdullah, and is almost ready to complete a £90 million takeover of the Blades.

    Mmobousi claimed that Sheffield United is the first and only team he supports. He was drawn to the club due to the passion of the people in the city.

    He caved in to the concept of owning the club when discussing his situation on a podcast with former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand.

    “I am now a fan of this club. I told my wife some couple of years ago that maybe one day when I get involved in soccer, I will only get to support the club I own. The only team I ever supported is the Super Eagles and I still support them till date, and that’s my national team,” Mmobousi said.

    “Hopefully I get approved by the EFL and you’ll find me a capable partner. I’m a long-term, focused person. I’m not here to just take and go.

    “I believe we’ll get to the Premier League and remain there. I intend to run this club not just as a business that benefits the fans and myself, but the community.”

    Mmbousi expressed displeasure with the way the alleged quiet acquisition was revealed to the public when asked if he believes having dark skin makes it more difficult for him to own a club in the UK, citing the fact that concerns were raised due to his heritage.

    While speaking in an interview with FIVE podcast, Mmbousi confirmed that: “I am one of the most scrutinized individuals that I know. I run a public company, the scrutiny for me is different and I feel that. My market cap is hit because maybe wall street has refused or failed to understand our message. But we are undervalued and I feel that if I weren’t Nigerian or African, it would have been different. So, I think the world needs to change this attitude of naming people, shaming people or doubting people because they come from a certain place.”

    Who Is Dozy Mmobuosi?

    Dozy Mmobuosi is a well-known technology entrepreneur and supporter of social and technological improvement in Africa and beyond.

    He is the founder and CEO of two well-known US companies: Tingo International Holdings, Inc. (TIH), an investment business that specializes in finding and making targeted acquisitions in the technology industry, and Tingo, Inc., Africa’s top Agri-Fintech company.

    Leading technology and device-as-a-service platform Tingo, Inc., aims to boost digital trade in Africa.

    Dozy launched Tingo Mobile PLC in 2001 and has extensive international expertise in countries like China, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Sheffield Takeover: Dozy Mmobuosi Cries Out On Racism Frustrating Deal

    Dozy has served as an advisor to a number of major corporations, guiding their business strategies and plans (including investments, acquisitions, and organic expansion) into new international markets.

    Additionally, he oversaw Tingo’s tremendous operational growth on three continents.

    Global issues like Climate Change and Food Security have an impact on Dozy’s business and charitable endeavors.

    Dozy has a strong commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which emphasized social advancement.

    The primary principle of Tingo is to provide Africa the chance to be the central focus of efforts to address some of these urgent issues.

    Dozy established the Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation in December 2021 with the goal of assisting Africans in a variety of areas, such as education, healthcare, the advancement of technology skills, and social empowerment by addressing the major structural issues that the continent currently faces.

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United Football Club is a professional football team that plays in the EFL Championship. It is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

    They go by the moniker “the Blades” since Sheffield has a long history of producing cutlery.

    Since the team’s inception, Bramall Lane has served as its home stadium.

    United has played in red and white striped shirts with black shorts for the majority of the club’s history.

    Sheffield Wednesday, with whom they compete in the Steel City Derby, are their primary rivals.

    In 1889, the group was established as a Sheffield United Cricket Club outgrowth.

    They were asked to join as founding members of the Football League Second Division in 1892 as a result of their outstanding results in the Midland League and Northern League.


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