Meet Dozy Mmobuosi, Potential New Owner Of Sheffield United


    A Lagos-born Nigerian investor and entrepreneur Dozy Mmobuosi will likely become the first Nigerian to own an English football club, Sheffield United in the matter of days.

    Dozy Mmobuosi

    Dozy Mmobuosi is reportedly ready to buy Sheffield United for a whooping £90m to help the club weather its current financial challenges.

    Sheffield United plied their trade in English football elite division in the 2020/21 season before being relegated from the elite division to the second tier of English club football – the Championship.

    While Sheffield United is struggling in the throes of financial difficulties, the club has put its financial woes behind it to fight tooth and nail to return to the Premier League.

    After 28 championship matches, they are currently second on the Championship table and are miles ahead of other clubs seeking automatic qualification to the Premier League.

    They have garnered 45 points from 28 games, winning 17 drawing 6, and losing 5. They are 5 points adrift of table-toppers Burnley, who have 62 points.

    Despite not being able to match the table-toppers, Sheffield United have opened a 12 points gap on third-placed team Middlesbrough.

    If they continue on the mir scintillating Championship run, Sheffield United will likely join Burnley automatically to the Premier League next season and Dozy Mmobuosi will likely become the first Nigerian and African to own a Premier League club.

    Meanwhile, the club has been slammed with a transfer embargo and not allowed to purchase players due on their financial difficulties.

    Lack of funds is part of the reason the club is ready to leased out to the highest bidder, with the Nigerian leading the race to take over the club.

    An estimated sum of £7m will reportedly return the club back to the its normal footing and the transfer embargo lifted.

    However, Daily Times revealed taking over Sheffield United will not be on a platter of gold for Dozy Mmobuosi. The Directors have assessed and evaluated Mmobuosi, to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

    Meanwhile, Mmobuosi will take over from a Saudi football enthusiast Prince Abdullah. Prince Abdullah had reportedly opted to hands off the ownership of the club after the EFL place an 18-month transfer ban on the club.

    As it stands, the likelihood of the Yorshire club evolving and subsequently rubbing shoulders with Premier League giants such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham, is not an impossibility.

    Who is Dozy Mmobuosi?

    Dozy Mmobuosi
    Dozy Mmobuosi

    Despite his strides in the tech sector and information technology, Dozy Mmobuosi keeps a low profile.

    Dozy Mmobuosi was born in Lagon in 1983. Despite bagging his first degree in the humanities in Political Science, he is a tech enthusiast.

    Mmobuosi matched his tech enthusiasm with a untainted entrepreneurial mindset which led him to establish the Tingo Moblie PLC, a tech and internet company, now a giant in Nigeria and African tech space. Tingo is now reportedly valued at £9 billion since it was found by Mmobuosi in 2007

    After bagging his first degree, Dozy Mmobuosi channelled his entrepreneurial drive into Nigeria’s tech and internet space.

    He introduced Nigeria’s first SMS Banking Solution, called “Flashmecash,” which was eventually purchased by the First City Monument Bank, according to Examinerlive.

    While steadily making immense progress into Nigeria’s media, communication, and internet space, he is currently on his doctorate on rural development at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

    Mmobuosi reportedly have two mobile phone manufacturing facilities in Nigeria to provide the local population with access to smartphones and the internet.

    He is a father of three and is married to Oluwatosin Mmobuosi.

    Dosy Mmobuosi saving Sheffield United

    According to Daily Mail, Dosy Mmobuosi is now the savior of the Sheffied United after the club suffered setback due to paucity of funds.

    Sheffield United are reportedly running out of funds for the club’s administrative routines.

    The would-be owner has pumped in a huge sum to the tune of £10million to cover running costs, pay players’ wages, cover salaried staffers.

    Sheffield United would have been docked 12 points after they ran out of funds to manage the club’s daily routine and that would have impacted their bid to return to the Premier League.

    Meanwhile, Dozy is yet to take over from Prince Abdullah, but is already demonstrating capacity, shouldering the clubs financial quagmire.


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