Cloud of uncertainty hovers around the wealth of Dozy Mmobuosi who wants to acquire Sheffield United

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Nigerian billionaire, Dozy Mmobuosi who has been in the news recently due to his interest in acquiring English club, Sheffield United is said to be under scrutiny regarding his airline company. 

Dozy wants to purchase Sheffield United who are currently in the Championship and look to be in serious financial constraints.

Shocking reports have circulated concerning the nonexistent evidence of his seemingly owned airline “Tingo Airlines”.

Tingo Airlines are registered in England, and they declared a share capital of about 1 billion euros in the month of August in 2019.

Dozy Mmobuosi bidding for Sheffield United

However, according to many sources, there seems to be no show of assets or accounts put out in relations to the airline.

Dozy Mmobuosi was recorded as the sole shareholder of the airline. The supposed airline was said to have put into document an address in Hertfordshire, which was later removed in December 2019. 

It was said to be “invalid, ineffective and forged” meaning it was a cooked up address. In addition, the Instagram page for “Tingo Airlines” enters a website that is not in existence. 

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Images that partain to an Airbus A321 appeared to be a photoshop.

The then acting “CEO of Tingo Airlines” sharing an information with a Nigerian newspaper outlet

Whilst having a discussion with a Nigerian newspaper outlet in 2019, an individual who is said to be the then CEO of Tingo Airlines relayed an information that the company is “in the process of obtaining our UK Air Operator’s Certificate”. 

And from findings, there is still no concrete information on the Air Operator’s Certificate been optained as of now.

The Nigerian businessman who wants to buy the club based in Yorkshire is being investigated keenly by the English Football League authorities. 

Recall that, reports went viral of a Football White Paper that is intended at changing football with one case being mentioned bordering on the type of money that can be put into the English game. 

Dozy Mmobuosi’s case is one the EFL authorities are expecting that they get answers on the source of his money.

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Dozy Mmobuosi looking to buy Sheffield United
Dozy Mmobuosi

Sheffield United current owner, Prince Abdullah according to the BBC has been communicating with the Nigerian over the sale of the club and the imminent purchase by the Nigerian. 

The Blades have turned a blind eye on giving a say on the information going around. 

Sheffield United are focused on their Championship season, as they look to leave no stone unturned in their pushed to get back to the top echelons of English Football. 

The Premier League is the money spinning league and clubs like Sheffield United would want to do all in their powers to have a sit in the table of men. 

They currently sit second (2nd) on the Championship, with 29 games played and they look to be in beaming light of sealing promotion to the Premier League soon. 

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