Dilleta Leotta pens heartfelt letter to Loris Karius ahead of EFL Cup final


Newcastle United makeshift goalkeeper, Loris Karius‘ partner Dilleta, has sent an emotional letter to the goalie ahead of his Carabao Cup final encounter with Manchester United. 

Dilleta Leotta is the name of his partner and she happens to also be a sports presenter.

Karius is expected to make his first start for Newcastle United at Wembley later today, February 26 (17:30).

The clash with Manchester United in the league Cup final would be his first feature in a competitive encounter for two years and his first for an English club since he made two horrible mistakes in the Champions League final.

Loris Karius partner, Dilleta Leotta
Loris Karius partner

The error committed by Loris Karius in the 2018/19 season

Loris Karius committed a blunder which allowed Karim Benzema get the first goal for Real Madrid in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final before committing another blunder for Gareth Bale’s strike from outside the box. 

Dilleta Leotta spoke of the journey, Loris Karius has gone through for the past two years and she revealed how proud she is of the German goalkeeper. 

The sport presenter from italy travelled into London to support Karius and she was astonished to see the thousands of Newcastle United fans in London.

Dilleta Leotta
Dilleta Leotta (Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images)

Through a letter published on The Athletic, Dilleta Leotta put into writing her support: “Dear Loris, I would like to write this letter to you tomorrow, or later, once the game taking you back on the pitch after these two interminable, painful and incredible years is over.

The letter from Dilleta Leotta continued:

“For now, I want to stop being the Diletta you know and, like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, put myself in the shoes of the “Ghost of Christmas past” and make you turn, look back and appreciate just how far you’ve come.

“The days you spent believing in your dream, loving it, holding it so tight only to have it brutally ripped away from you.

“The two years of sad nights, the knot in your throat and the bad thoughts that kept you away from playing, but not from your greatest passion; the green football pitch that makes millions of children dream every day.

“A big thank you to your team and the strength you’ve been able to find in one another. Of course, we don’t deny it, the blow was hard, but, as you taught me, life is 10 per cent what happens to you and 90 per cent how you decide to react.

“And you decided to build your future by embracing change and working even harder to get back, back to the forefront. Once more, I’m so proud of you.

“That is why from the first moment we met I admired your strength and courage. You told me about the long journey you’ve been on, your rebirth, and the strength with which you believe in yourself. It made me fall in love with you.

“Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to make a better run-up and I am sure this run-up will lead you and the whole team to fly. No one deserves it more.

“As a child, I always loved fairytales and I can’t wait to read this happy ending.

“With love, Diletta.”

An absolutely beautiful letter from Dilleta for her man. Hopefully, it would spur Loris Karius all the way to deliver a wonderful performance that would help his side get to glory.

Karius played his youth football across several clubs notably FV Biberach, SG Mettenberg, SSV Ulm 1846, VfB Stuttgart and including Manchester United’s city rivals Manchester City. 

In his senior career he has played for clubs like Mainz 05 II, Mainz 05, Liverpool before he went on loan to Beşiktaş in the Turkish Super Lig and Union Berlin in the German Bundesliga. 

He currently plys his trade with Newcastle United and he joined the side in the summer of 2022 as a free agent. 

Karius was born in Biberach, Baden-Württemberg to Christine and Harald Karius. 

The father of the Newcastle United man wanted his son to become a motocross rider, but the grandfather of Loris Karius encouraged him to focus on the round leather game called football. 

Karius’ girlfriend has over eight-million followers on Instagram and she has been dating the Newcastle United goalie since October in 2022.

Dilleta Leotta started her as a commentator and she worked as a presenter for Sky Sports Italy. 

Asides her career as a sports presenter and commentator, Leotta is also a popular model and internet celebrity.

She has modeled for several brands and she has also featured across several magazines.

The fame of the girlfriend of the German goalkeeper got to fresh heights when she hosted the Grand Gala of Soccer in the year 2018. 

The Grand Gala of Soccer is an annual event that honours the best footballers and coaches across Italy.


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