Diego Maradona’s family & ex-lovers to start fighting for their inheritance


    Diego Maradona‘s family, ex-lovers, illegitimate children, and even taxmen will soon start fighting for the wealth of the Argentina football icon who died on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. Though lawyers are still assessing his total asset, it is estimated that the asset Maradona left behind worth about 100 million dollars.

    Maradona is one of those people who was born into a very poor home but talent, hard work, and destiny lifted him and made him so wealthy that people can kill for his wealth. The 1986 FIFA World Cup winner died and left behind a very long list of people who would not want to ignore the wealth he left behind.

    The late football icon reportedly left behind about five properties in Buenos Aires worth millions of dollars. He also left behind a collection of jewelry and football memorabilia which could worth millions of dollars if auctioned.

    Besides that, Maradona left behind a collection of cars which include Rolls Royce Ghost, a BMW i8, and a Hunta Overcomer Jeep. He also has business interests in China, Italy, and Cuba which worth millions of dollars.

    Diego Maradona on the red carpet of an event with some of his daughters.
    Diego Maradona on the red carpet of an event with some of his daughters.

    His wealth could be shared by Maradona’s eight legitimate children who include Diego Jnr, 34, Dalma, 33, Gianinna, 31, Jana, 24, and Diego Fernando, seven. Besides them, Dalma and Gianinna’s mother, Claudia Villafane, 58, who was married to Diego for 19 years, is still very much alive and might want a share even though it was reported that she is not entitled to any inheritance.

    Besides these confirmed members of Diego Maradona’s family, there are children who the football icon failed to recognize as his children before he died. Some of them are 23-year-old Magali Gil and three other children who were born to two separate mothers in Cuba.

    Few days after Maradona’s death, one 19-year-old Santiago Lara, came out to claim that he is one of the unconfirmed children of the former FC Barcelona and Napoli star. He has even gone as far as demanding that the body of the Argentine football icon should be exhumed so that a DNA test could be carried out.

    The teenager’s claim is being supported by his mother, Natalia Garat who is a waitress. The waitress reportedly had an on and off relationship with Maradona for seven years. Hence, she insisted that her son is not a gold digger.

    This could be the beginning of what is to come and once Santiago Lara gets the attention he is seeking from Diego Maradona’s family, that could inspire more unconfirmed children of the star to agitate for their share of the late footballer’s wealth.

    Diego Maradona's family & ex-lovers to start fighting for their inheritance
    Diego Maradona posed with some of his children.

    Besides the issue of Maradona’s unconfirmed children coming out to publicize their claims, one of his ex-lover, 29-year-old Rocio Oliva, said she also deserves “financial compensation.” she dated Maradona for 6 years before they went their separate ways in 2018.

    Even at death, Maradona might still be earning money because of some of the deals he signed with brands. For instance, before he died, he had a deal with sportswear manufacturing company Puma, and video game publishers Konami and EA Sports. So, there will be enough to fight for in the coming days.

    On the other hand, Italian tax masters might be coming for some of the wealth Maradona left behind. The Italian government has been in a legal battle with the Argentine football icon to pay up his tax which has accumulated to £5.4 million.

    Maradona has been indebted to the Italian government for over two decades when he was playing for an Italian Serie A club, Napoli. Since then, the government has been dragging him to pay the tax and that might continue even though he is no more.


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