Diego Maradona was probably murdered, his nurse contradicts herself


    Diego Maradona has passed away since Wednesday, November 25, but it seems his life after death could be more controversial than his life as a professional footballer. Since he died, there have been speculations that the Argentine football icon did not die a natural death which implied that he was murdered.

    Investigation to ascertain whether Diego Maradona was murdered or he died of a heart attack as earlier reported has started in Argentina. Recall that the late footballer underwent brain surgery to treat blood clots about two weeks before he died. He was discharged from the hospital 8 days after the surgery and was taken to his home in Buenos Aires to continue with his recovery process.

    A private hospital in Argentina, Medidom, was contracted to take care of Diego Maradona who was the coach of an Argentine club, Gimnasia de La Plata until the point of his death. Nurses were assigned from the hospital to oversee his recovery.

    After his sudden death at age 60 on Wednesday, the nurse who was on duty at his mansion overnight wrote on her report that she ran a check on the 1986 World Cup winner at 6:30 am on Wednesday and found out that Maradona was breathing normally.

    The nurse who took over for the morning shift, wrote in her report that she heard the Argentine icon use the toilet around 7:30 am but did not enter into Maradona’s room at that point. She further claimed that she requested to check Maradona’s vital signs at 9.20 am on that same day, but Maradona did not allow her.

    She went further to write that she noticed that Maradona was at the point of death about Afternoon on Wednesday and gave him heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while she awaited the arrival of the ambulance which was alerted immediately she noticed the bad state of the former footballer.

    Afterward, when speculations began to go viral that Maradona is suspected to be murdered, the nurse on the morning shift told investigators that she didn’t enter Maradona’s room that morning and alleged that she was “made to lie” in her report which has further added to the fear that he was murdered.

    “What the witness added…is that she was made to write in a report for Medidom…that she had tried to monitor Maradona’s vital signs when the reality is she let him rest”, Investigators said.

    Diego Maradona celebrating his 1986 FIFA World Cup triumph.
    Diego Maradona celebrating his 1986 FIFA World Cup triumph.

    Besides the suspicion that Maradona was murdered and the nurse on duty allegedly failed on her duty, there are assumptions that the football icon had a very good chance of being safe if the ambulance that was alerted had arrived on time.

    Maradona’s lawyer, Matias Morla, is one of the people who believed that Maradona did not die a natural death even though his post-mortem result claimed that he died of a heart attack which caused a blood clot. The lawyer claimed that even though nurses were stationed at Maradona’s house round the clock, the Argentine football idol did not receive any treatment in his last 12 hours.

    Also, the lawyer was not happy that the doctor had to discharge him within 8 days after brain surgery. He also claimed that the ambulance that was called to convey Maradona to the hospital arrived at his mansion about 30 minutes after the call.

    His claim is contrary to the authorities’ report which claimed that the first ambulance arrived at Maradona’s home within 11 minutes after the distress call.

    As it stands, it is believed that Maradona died of heart failure as his post-mortem result claimed but the investigation is still ongoing to unravel whether there was any man-made effort in his sudden demise on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.


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