‘They will pay dearly for it’, Maradona’s lawyer blows hot after sacked funeral workers took selfies with coffin of late football icon

    Maradona's coffin at the Presidential Villa on Thursday before being lad to rest

    The burial of late football icon, Diego Amando Maradona has come up with a drama. Facts emerged that some funeral workers took advantage of their position to take a selfie with the corpse of the 1986 world cup winner. This has infuriated Diego Maradona’s lawyer Matia Morla, who warned that those involved will pay dearly.

    The fans are not left out criticizing the three workers for the act.

    Futballnews reported that the three funeral workers, Claudio Fernandez, his son Ismael and Claudio Medina took selfies with the Argentine legend’s dead body before he was laid to rest beside his parents’ graves.

    The three have been sacked for their actions and they have been getting death threats for it. The act reportedly took place before Maradona’s remain was brought out for public view at the Presidential Villa Casa Rosadain the country’s capital.

    Left: Claudio Medina, Claudio Fernandez, his son Ismael taking photos with Maradona’s corpse

    The authorities had to stop the procession due to COVID-19 and rowdiness. Maradona was eventually buried by some familiy members on Thursday.

    “They know me”, Claudio said. “I’m from the neighborhood. They say they are going to kill us, break our heads.”

    As if taking the picture was not enough, they then decided to spread it online, which went viral instantly.

    Initially, one of them was identified and fired from his position, but the three have now lost their job. This was confirmed by the funeral company, Piniuer Funrsl home, after confirming their identitites.

    Taking selfies with Maradona’s coffin will have a legal consequence

    The gesture will also have legal consequences. This is the position of Maradona’s lawyer Morla, who raged on social media.

    Matia Morla with ailing Maradona at an hospital after a surgery

    “They are guilty of an outrageous and aberrant act,” he wrote. “They will pay dearly,” he wrote.

    Maradona gave up the ghost after cardiac arrest in his home while recovering from brain surgery.


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