Dele Alli Caught On Bed With Four Girls Before Hippy Crack Shame

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Besiktas flop Dele Alli seemed to care less about his dwindling football career but on revelries and clubbing with girls and pals.

Dele Alli

In an exclusive shot made available by The Sun, Dele Alli could be seen having a cool time, chilling out with friends and four girls during his trip to Chinawhite town in Manchester where the hippy crack shame surfaced.

In this new footage, Dele Alli could be seen hiding his face under his baseball cap as all the four girls and his male friends sprawl on bed together.

The picture, seemingly a selfie taken by one of the girls in the scene, shows Dele Alli at the extreme end of the bed.

He seems to hide his face from the camera with his baseball cap and was also using his hands to cover his face when the picture was taken.

Dele Alli
Alli with four girls and pals on bed

According to reports, Dele Alli splashed £6, 000 on drinks alone before taking time out with the four girls on bed in Salford.

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This is coming at the backdrop of another viral footage which was dropped by the Sun earlier showing Dele on a table cluttered with strong gins, including hippy crack.

The former Tottenham and Everton star was seen inhaling hippy crack with a balloon clipped to his lips.

Canisters of laughing gas were also spotted on the table with more balloons and other psychoactive substances.

Sources close to Dele Alli reveals clubbing is part of Alli’s routine despite a sharp downturn in his career.

In Turkey, where he was on a loan spell from Everton to Besiktas, Dele Alli is said to club at least twice in every 10 days.

Dele Ali hippy crack shame footage

He has not made any appearance for the club in March and Besiktas manager, reportedly complained Dele Alli went AWOL even before the injury.

Another report confirmed Dele Alli spent his last days at the club clubbing and skipping training.

His loan spell at Besiktas has been disastrous. He managed just 13 appearances, with only two goals before being hit with an injury that will ruled him out for the rest of the season.

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The bedroom picture with four girls was reportedly taken in Salford where one of the girls identified as Niamh Saunders, 20, took the selfie.

Dele Alli was one of the promising English footballers but his career declined sharply after he joined Everton in 2022.

Dele Alli
Alli undergoing rehabilitation at Everton after failed loan at Besiktas

After a failed stint with the Tofees, he was sent on a loan spell to Besiktas where his career was finally watered down.

He is currently receiving treatment for his injury and is back at Everton for rehabilitation. However, his place in Sean Dyche’s squad is not assured.

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