Dele Alli: Besiktas And Everton Flop Inhales Hippy Crack

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Former Tottenham player and Besiktas flop, Dele Alli was caught in a footage inhaling hippy crack.

Dele Alli
Footage of Dele Alli inhaling hippy crack

The footage which has gone viral shows the 26-year-old on a table with his friends cluttered up with bottles containing hippy crack and other psychoactive substances.

He could be seen having balloons clipped to his lips, an accessory always used to inhale the substance.

Sources close to the incident revealed that Dele Alli was actually at Salford in England having a nice time with his friends before he indulged his cravings with the substance.

Apart from hippy crack, Dele Alli’s table had several other strong substances such as snus and magnum.

There were also a packed of balloons, Evian water, a bottle of 7up drink, and Lucozade.

Dele Alli: Besiktas And Everton Flop Inhales Hippy Crack

The former Premier League star had no scruples indulging himself using a balloon to inhale the substance.

While it is not illegal to consume hippy crack in the UK, the substance which contains Nitrogen oxide has been deemed as one of the most deadly psychoactive substances which impacts the brain.

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It can spurn up a series of bodily and psychological reactions and in extreme cases do cause death.

Dele Alli: Besiktas And Everton Flop Inhales Hippy Crack
Dele Alli has a brilliant career at Tottenham before a drastic decline

There has been concerns about the effects of the consumption of hippy crack both on personal and social life with authorities increasingly concerned about how the substance is used.

Some delinquent and anti-social behaviors have been linked to the unregulated consumption of the substance.

While some footballers may see hippy crack as sublime element to wile away dull moments and shed stress, the consumption of the substance is still considered cringe and unbecoming of professionals in mainstream media.

Dele Alli: Besiktas And Everton Flop Inhales Hippy Crack
Alli’s career has witnessed a big downturn at Besiktas

Dele Alli, who has recently struggled with his football career, has now joined the list of players who have been caught in the act.

Before the drastic decline in his football career, Dele Ali was one of the most talented English youngsters.

He established his career in the Premier League with Tottenham after joining the club from MK Dons in 2015.

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At the London club, Dele Alli made 181 appearances, scoring 51 goals. His decline began at Goodison Park when he joined the Toffees in 2022 and made 13 appearances without a goal.

After a dismal campaign with the Toffees, Alli joined Turkish side Besiktas on loan and has equally struggled at the club.

His loan spell is reportedly set to be terminated and he will return to the Toffees but will not play for the club because he is not registered in the Premier League.

Amid his dwindling fortunes in the game, the hippy crack footage will add further burns to his already fragile career.

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