Tunisian Footballer Nizar Issaoui Sets Himself Ablaze After Police Injustice


Tunisian Star Nizar Issaoui has passed away after he set himself ablaze following a protest against “Police Injustice”.

Tunisian Star Nizar Issaoui Sets Himself Ablaze After Police Injustice

The football star Nizar Issaoui who formerly played for US Monastir, set himself on fire outside a police station on Thursday, 13th March 2023.

The player did not survive the fire and died of a third-degree burn despite the fact that he was rushed to the hospital.

His brother Nizar Ryan confirmed that his brother was buried the following day after his death.

The deceased Tunisian Star claimed he was accused of “terrorism” by the police when he complained of the price of banana.

Issaoui, a father of four, posted a video of himself on Facebook saying he was protesting against the police for false accusation of terrorism in Haffouz, Kairouan, central Tunisia.


A video that made rounds on the internet showed the Tunisian Star yelling: “For a dispute with someone selling bananas at 10 dinars (£2.65), I get accused of terrorism at the police station.”

“Terrorism for a complaint about bananas.”

“I have no more energy,” the Tunisian Star added in a statement. “Let the police state know that the sentence will be executed today.”

The tragic scene left onlookers yelling as shown in the video above as the video went viral.

Protest immediately broke out after the players’ death and local media reported that clashes broke out between the police and the people during his funeral.

Mourners were sighted outside the local police station immediately and the same happened in the funeral as mourners gathered at is home and were chanting: “With our blood and with our soul we will sacrifice ourselves for you, Nizar.”

Tunisian Star Nizar Issaoui Sets Himself Ablaze After Police Injustice

The Tunisian Star was a free agent at the time of his death having enjoyed a successful career in US Monastir in the top-flight of Tunisian football.

His protest was likewise that of a certain street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself to death in December 2010.

The incident has been happening over the decade in Tunisia and was thought to be a start of a revolution in the country.

This also has triggered the Arab Spring uprisings, which were responsible for toppling a number of regimes across the Middle East.

The authorities have however failed to make any statements regarding the incident that saw the player lose his life.

This same incident revolves around the financial crisis that has been an issue amonst many African countries in recent times.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development confirmed that Tunisia is experiencing its worst crisis in its history, with the country’s government thought to be nogotiating with International Monetary Fund for a $1.9bn (£1.5bn) loan agreement.

Tunisia’s budget was badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as Russia ’s war in Ukraine.

Nizar Issaoui

Nizar Issaoui is a Tunisian star that played for EGS Gafsa in the Tunisian league. He was born on 30th October 1985 and is 37 years old.

The player who died last week played as an attacker and scored 43 goals for both club and country.


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