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David De Gea weekly wages and salary

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De Gea is a Spanish goal stopper, playing professionally for Manchester United. De Gea was at one time rated as the best goalkeeper in the world, after he rescued Manchester United from a couple of humiliating defeat and disgraceful draws.

Sometimes ago, the Spanish international goal stopper was linked with a deal to Real Madrid of Spain who is greatly known for setting a grip on ready-made players. It was the same Madrid that took Cristiano Ronaldo away from Manchester United when it was glaring that Ronaldo was the one saving the team from a mess at that time. Once bitten twice shy they say, Manchester United in a bid to save themselves from another mess, they had to increase the weekly wages of De Gea.

The goalkeeper was hell-bent at leaving the English club due to lack of trophy, and Real Madrid was blazing hot at that time especially in the Champions League. He was promised another eye-popping deal after his contract expires, if he is not getting a trophy in Manchester, he should be getting money.

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After De Gea signed a new contract with Manchester United in 2019, he became the club’s highest earner and one of the highest in the Premier League. One that can be learned from it is that, if any player wants to leave because of a trophy, a team can keep them with money. De Gea earns a whopping sum of £375,000 weekly and he makes a total of £19,500,000 per annum.

I bet with his new status as the highest earner in the Premier League, he would not think of leaving the club anytime soon. Also, the team is in the process of rebuilding, the level of consistency in their style of play has greatly increased since they signed Bruno Fernandes. They have won about three consecutive games now which is good enough.

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