Athletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone lauds goalkeeper Oblak for denying Liverpool a chance to qualify

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    The Slovenian goalkeeper was incredible at Anfield last night, he basically came prepared to stop the defending champion. At one point of the game one might be confused to know if Oblak was just a goal stopper or Jericho, he did more than just enough to give Athletico Madrid the victory they got against Liverpool in Anfield.

    Athletico Madrid boss, Diego Simeone praised the Slovenian international goal stopper for his outstanding performance in the game. The 50-year-old manager compared the goalkeeper to Lionel Messi, he believes he Oblak was a footballer, he would be Messi, Nevertheless, he named him the Messi of goalkeepers.

    Oblak earned himself the love of Athletico fans after his exploits gave the team 2-3 win over their rival, also, breaking the long standing home unbeaten spell of the English team. He was given Man of the Match honour for all the trouble he endured for his team to have victory even after the game was dragged to the extra time.

    Liverpool were all out yesterday for victory especially on the soil they consider to be their powerhouse, they had a total of 34 shots on target but many of it was denied by well fitted out Oblak who stood like a Jericho against the victory of Liverpool. Diego Simeone who was clearly happy with the results he got in Anfield bragged about their goalkeeper for being the best in the world.

    “We have a goalkeeper who is the best in the world, no doubt,” Simeone said. “I have been saying that for some time.

    “It’s like Barcelona who have Messi. He decides games with his attacking play; Oblak resolves them with his saves.”

    Though Oblak resolves attacks with his mighty saves, but he didn’t score a goal. Another outstanding performance in the game was from Marcos Llorente who came from bench to replace Deigo Costa who has been pocketed by Van Dijk. Llorente became unstoppable during the extra time with two goals he scored after Liverpool had a defensive error.


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