Athletico Madrid coach Diego Simone tells Liverpool what to expect in Anfield when the two clash for the second leg of the Champions League game

atletico madrids coach from argentina diego simeone gives a pres 583505
atletico madrids coach from argentina diego simeone gives a pres 583505

Athletico Madrid boss, Diego Simone has given hint on what to expect in the return leg of their Champions League game tonight against defending champion, Liverpool Fc. The 50-year-old manager explained that there might be a few surprises for his team on Wednesday when they take their Champions League campaign to Anfield, but they will be prepared to face even the worse.

A lone goal win over Jurgen Klopp’s side will definitely give the Spanish team an edge against the defending champion, also, Athletico Madrid is hailed for being one with one of the most resilient defenses in Europe. In his words, while speaking about the game, Simeone said, “I think it is one of our qualities; it is a very solid quality we have. If I tell you my plans for the game it wouldn’t be logical. I think they [Liverpool] know how we will play after eight years of being here.”

“We have to keep what we can during the game. Some managers will say ‘we are going to get forward’. That would be a nice pleasant dream.

“But all the thoughts I have before a game it is down to how much you are motivated on the field.

“Opponents might make you suffer at times in a game, they [Liverpool] have always played almost always with a high line.

Diego Simeone stated that the game will be a very tough one, but he also has the confidence that his team will be at the top of the game and they will come out victorious. The Athletico boss is stylishly reiterating to Liverpool that they should not expect familiar results in Anfield tonight.

It would be recalled that Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona Fc last season in Anfield last season. The English team defeated the Spanish team four goals to none to move the final of the Champions League competition. Reasonably, the Athletico boss is sending words to Liverpool ahead of their clash tonight.

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