Coach Stabbed and Three Players Attacked as Football Match Descended into a Brawl


A brawl between players in Spain has incidentally led to a coach being shockingly stabbed following the final whistle.

Coach stabbed
Daniel Jose Travieso stabbed

The football match plummeted into brutal violence after the final whistle was blown which led to a fan attacking the rival manager, Daniel Jose Travieso with a knife on Saturday.

The horrifying incident took place during a collision between Pedro Hidalgo B and Firgas in the Second Regional division on Saturday, January 28.

The fight between the rival players which included ‘punching, shoving, headbutting, kicking’ and subsequent involvement of their fans left one of the coaches being stabbed this weekend.

Pedro Hidalgo B vs Firgas
Pedro Hidalgo B and Firgas

The clash between Pedro Hidalgo B and Firgas ended in a 2-1 victory in favor of the visitors before one player punched a rival to descend the match into a series of ghastly events.

The terrifying events happened around 8 pm on Saturday after the visitors, Firgas had claimed a 2-1 victory.

Meanwhile, the match had been played plainly in a peaceful zone without any animosity before the attack.

However, following the final whistle, two people became embroiled in a brawl as the players were heading back to the dressing room.

One of the enraged fans pulled out a knife, and stabbed the rival manager in the hand, leaving him with a severe cut.

The Inter-island Football Federation of Las Palmas has since released a statement which in detail, included the report of the match official, that explains how the injured coach was stabbed.

Firgas coach stabbed

The referee’s report revealed that a player in the host team punched Firgas goalkeeper with excessive force in the neck’ which kicked off the heated violence.

The referee’s report further showed that ‘punching, shoving, headbutting, kicking’ all took place before a rival fan who was carrying a knife intervened and cut the hand of the visiting coach and left him bleeding profusely.

The same fan is reported to have thrown a big stone on the pitch where the players and officials gathered amidst the awful threats between the rival players.

Another enraged home fan is said to have shouted at the visitors, threatening to kill anyone he got hold of.

He said: “I’m going to kill you, you’re not going to get out of here alive, son of a b***h.”

The referee also noted that two goalkeepers from the visiting club took refuge in the referee’s locker room before the police and ambulances arrived at 8:10 pm.

The local football governing body, Las Palmas has condemned the awful incident and promised to hold a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31st, to discuss the brawl.

Their statement read: “The Las Palmas Inter-island Football Federation deeply regrets while expressing its most resounding rejection of these episodes.

“In this sense, the Competition and Disciplinary Committee, given the seriousness of the events described in the minutes, will hold an extraordinary meeting this Tuesday to discuss what happened.”


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