Watch As Players Threw Punches In A Match Between Rhyl 1879 vs Bangor 1876


    After the match between Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876, a massive violence broke out, with players punching each other.

    Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876

    A fight broke out in Wales North West Division league as players exchanged blows which saw the two teams collect seven red cards and ten yellow cards.

    After the demise of both Bangor City and Rhyl FC, the historic derby finally made its way back to North Wales, this time in the Ardal North West division.

    Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876
    The referee gave a red to Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876

    This highly anticipated derby match between Bangor 1876 and Rhyl 1879 ended with a decisive victory for Bangor 1876.

    Seven red cards, ten yellow cards, and a terrible mass brawl at the end of the game at Rhyl’s Belle Vue Stadium grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    Tensions finally boiled over in the 73rd minute, when Rhyl manager Gareth Thomas was sent to the stands for disobedience with the score knotted at one.

    When Rhyl defender Miles Todd was sent off for an off-the-ball incident in the 84th minute, Bangor seized the lead through Corrig McGonigle.

    With a few seconds remaining in extra time, Bangor defender Shaun Lock attempted to delay play as Rhyl set up for a corner, sparking the initial confrontation.

    The ugly sights that unfolded during this Ardal North West Division match will have lasting consequences for both clubs.

    Second half, Rhyl 1879 manager Gareth Thomas was sent out for showing displeasure from the bench.

    As Jones and his teammate Jack Higgins dragged Bangor’s Tom Clarke to the ground, the defender seemed to be punched by Jones, and bottles were thrown in their direction.

    Bangor players stepped in to defend Lock after three Rhyl players, including goal scorer Alex Jones, grabbed the ball from him in a violent manner.

    Crowd members appeared to throw plastic bottles at 1876 defender Tom Clarke as he lay on the ground after being tackled.

    Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876
    A riot broke between Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876

    Several skirmishes broke out and several punches were thrown before the corner could be grabbed.

    The game ended with the referee blowing the final whistle and sending out Alex Jones and Clarke.

    The referee was able to calm the scene before handing red cards to Jones and Clarke.

    Reece Fairhurst, captain of Rhyl, pushed Clarke away as the latter continued to laugh at Jones’ expense.

    Rhyl 1879 and Bangor 1876

    Nonetheless, Jones was not done, and he ran up to Clarke and punched him in the face, setting the place on fire.

    To defuse the incident, staff and substitutes from both teams flooded the field and Rhyl players had to physically remove Jones from the field.

    In response, Lock, Liam Morris, and Corey Jones, all of Bangor, exchanged fists, leading to Jones’s ejection.

    The corner kick was never taken, and the game ended with red cards for both Higgins and Aaron White of Rhyl.


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