Mathias And Paul Pogba Feud: Bombshell Voicemail Leaked…Details

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An incriminating voicemail exchange between Mathias and Paul Pogba has been leaked with alleged threats to life.

Paul Pogba
Mathias alleges threat to life in leaked incriminating voicemail

Juventus midfielder and former Man United playmaker Paul Pogba is at the center of a blackmail and extortion plot allegedly pioneered by his elder brother and former Wrexham player, Mathias Pogba.

Mathias Pogba has been charged, arrested, and detained by the Police after he was linked to the alleged plot to extort money from his younger brother and former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

New claims in Le Monde have detailed a voicemail in which Mathias reportedly claimed to have escaped death in July on a knife edge.

The Guinea international reportedly claimed that he was almost killed before calling his brother Paul Pogba.

According to Le Monde, a French newspaper, the voicemail message said: ‘Call me right away, hurry up, otherwise, I’ll take care of your image, and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.’

The call is said to have been made in the heat of the faceoff between Mathias and Paul Pogba as the two continue to haul accusations and counter accusations at each other.

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Pogba has alleged that his brother is colluding with some deadly gangsters to blackmail and extort money from him, while Mathias Pogba has accused the Juventus star of a double-face and witchcraft.

Mathias Pogba has been detained, but he has insisted he is innocent of all allegations leveled against him by his brother – a stand his lawyer has used to challenge the case.

The voicemail alleging death threats was reportedly left with Paul Pogba in the summer, Le Monde confirmed.

Details of events that led to the scenario as captured by the Le Monde claims that a burglary attack had happened at Mathias’ residence, in Roissy-en-Brie, in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

According to Mathias, the attack occurred on July 30, involving two men who broke into his house, endangering his life in the process.

The two masked men sent a message to Pogba through him to remind him of ‘his commitments.’

Le Monde’s story continues that a message was left for Paul Pogba the following day.

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‘I nearly croaked. Call me right away, hurry up, otherwise, I’ll take care of your image and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,’ Mathias Pogba is alleged to have said.

The 32-year-old brother of the Juventus star was detained last month following allegations and investigations into the face-off with his brother.

After Paul told police that the gang had been threatening him since March and demanded £11m, four other people were also placed under formal investigation for extortion and criminal association.

Meanwhile, Yassine Bouzrou, Mathia’s lawyer, had launched an appeal for his release but was turned down

The crisis began in August after Mathias released a video vowing to reveal a series of ‘great revelations’ about his brother, including how Paul used charms to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappe.

It was revealed that Paul had actually contracted the services of a witch doctor, but he denied doing so to cast a spell on Mbappe but to protect himself from injury.

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Despite languishing in detention, Mathias Pogba has released several other videos to back up his claim and allegations against his brother.

According to reports, the videos were filmed in the presence of brothers Machikour and Roushdane, who are also named as cohorts in Mathias’ alleged attempts to extort money from Paul

Yeo Maribo, the mother of the two, have sided Paul Pogba in the ensuing conflict, but Mathias Pogba had claimed that his mother does so with a price – for her rewards from Pogba.

Amid the boiling feud between the two brothers, Paul was nursing injury but has returned with hopes of making the French 2022 World Cup squad.

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