Champions League: It’s not right to look for who is the best between Messi and Ronaldo – Pirlo backs Koeman


    Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo has backed the comment of comparison between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo made by his Barcelona counterpart, Ronald Koeman ahead of their Champions League clash.

    Barcelona and Juventus will lock horn at the Camp Nou tonight for the last match of their Champions League game. Both sides have qualified but the winner will determine who will eventually top the group.

    Barca had already won five out of five while Juve, who lost 2-0 to the Catalans at the Allianz Stadium during the first leg winning four.

    The Barca coach has refused to be dragged into the comparison of the two great talents who have remained on top of their game for the past decade. Koeman further said he is looking forward to seeing two “incredible” talents lock horns again in the Champions League.

    Backing up Koeman’s comment during a press conference for the game, Pirlo said: “Koeman is right to say that it’s not fair to say who is better. They have put on a show and have been doing it for 15 years.

    “They have shared the Ballon d’Or for the last 15 years. It’s a shame to say if one is better than the other. They are phenomena that make millions of fans rejoice every time they take to the pitch.

    “It’s not fair to say who’s better. We must thank them because they are good for football.”

    Champions League: The spotlight will be on Messi v Ronaldo

    Looking at the game, many that will be glued to their TV tonight want to watch Messi and Ronaldo dazzle in the Champions League clash. Many Ronaldo fans would want to tsee the Portuguese score his first Champions League goal against the Catalan giant.

    Knowing fully well that the spotlight will be between the two, who have shared 11 Ballon D’or awards, Juventus center-back Leonardo Bonucci wants to see ‘the attitude from the derby’.

    The Italian defender believes Messi, who scored from the spot in the first leg can only be stopped through ‘great teamwork’. Bonucci wants to see more of the same after a late win against Torino last weekend.

    The last time Ronaldo won against Messi was a Champions League match between Manchester United and Barcelona

    “We must show the attitude that gave us the win in the derby,” Bonucci said at a press conference. “An aggressive team that knew what we had to put on the pitch to get the win.

    “I hope that the second half of the derby is the beginning of a new path that is difficult.

    “Today, we play against a great team, but these matches are stimulating our growth.”

    “It’s certainly a pleasure to be a part of this page in the history of football, tonight, two great teams will meet and have two of the best in history in their squads.

    “It will be a great match with the spotlight on these two aliens competing for individual prizes.

    “Messi is stopped with great teamwork, being a champion, he makes you win games alone. With teamwork, in the defensive phase, we can stop Messi’s qualities and highlight the qualities of our alien and champion.”

    He lauded Ronaldo, describing him as a good example that many have been learning from .

    “I saw him charged for the challenge, but the desire to win and to be fundamental is an added value for Cristiano.

    “We certainly didn’t discover it today. He has been an example for everyone since he arrived and everyone tries to steal a minimum from him to improve.”


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