Raul Jimenez discharged from the hospital after surgery on his fractured skull

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Raul Jimenez of Wolverhampton Wanderers has been discharged from the hospital where he was taken to on November 29 after he had a head collision with Arsenal defender David Luiz.

Raul Jimenez sustained a fractured skull after the collision in the first half of the Premier League match between Wolves and Arsenal which ended 1-2 in favor of the visitors. The injury had to be operated upon late on Sunday, November 29.

Though the 29-year-old Mexican forward was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery on his fractured skull after receiving first aid treatment on the pitch for 10 minutes, David Luiz who Jimenez had a collision with completed the first half of the match with a bandage around his head.

Wolves' Raul Jimenez and Arsenal's David Luiz lying on the pitch after the collision.
Wolves’ Raul Jimenez and Arsenal’s David Luiz lying on the pitch after the collision.

During the weekend, the medical doctor of Wolves senior football team, Matt Perry, confirmed that the footballer was making progress in his recovery process and he would be discharged to go and rest with his family.

Also, Wolves manager, Nuno Espirito, revealed during the weekend that the whole players and staff of the club were very afraid after the November 29 incident because of how much Jimenez is being loved at the club and the intensity of the injury. He confirmed that Raul Jimenez was making progress in his recovery process and ensured that the player would return to football when he fully recovers.

The coach said: “Now if you ask me personally, put aside my wish and my desire, I want him and I am positive he’s going to come back.

“He’s going to come back. What the medical team did was amazing – both teams, Arsenal’s and ours. This is why we trust them and we thank them so much.

“This is what the doctor insists to me – first days are crucial. He was well taken care of on the pitch and during the journey in the ambulance.

“There was not even a moment when he was not being given oxygen so this is what determines the next steps to take. Now he is recovering.

“Now our real concern is that he recovers totally. After that, we will have time.”

Earlier this evening, December 8, 2020, Wolves confirmed via a tweet on the club’s Twitter handle that “Raul Jimenez has been discharged from hospital and is now resting at home with his family”.

Before he sustained the fractured skull on November 29, Jimenez has scored 3 league goals in 10 league matches. He has an existing four years contract with Wolves which will expire on June 30, 2024.