Carlos Vela reveals he never had a good time playing in Arsenal

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    images 2020 03 28T101955.929

    Carlos Vela has revealed that he can’t remember having any good memories while he was still playing for Arsenal. According to him, he had one of the most devastating experiences playing for Gunners and could not wait for an opportunity to leave the club for Real Sociedad when the opportunity came.

    Carlos Vela started his football career with Chiva before he moved to the North London club in 2005. He was an Arsenal player from 2005-2012. However, it would interest you to know that for over 12 years he stayed with Gunners he only appeared in 29 games which most of it were substitutions and he had 3 goals. Most of the years he ought to enjoy some exciting moments in Arsenal was snatch away by several loan spells in different European clubs.

    He finally departed the north London club in 2012 when Real Sociedad decided to extend his stay in the club by giving him a contract. He played in Real Sociedad for five years featuring in 185 games and scoring about 54 goals in total before he moved to the MLS where he’s currently playing for Los Angeles FC LAFC.

    The Los Angeles FC striker revealed this while speaking with GQ, stated that he doesn’t have any good memory with Arsenal Fc for all the years he stayed in the club.

    “The most important part of my life came in San Sebastian: my new family,” he explained. “I came from three years of being in London, which I couldn’t adapt to. I don’t know how to explain it specifically. It was a place I don’t have good memories of. I wanted to get out of there.

    “There I started to enjoy my football again after three such bad years of living in England. I didn’t know anything about the Basque Country. I wanted to leave so much that when I heard I had a good offer to play and leave England, it was a case of me saying: ‘I love it! Yes, let’s go!’”


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