Burney’s manager Sean Dyche is happy that big Premier League clubs are also struggling


    Burnley’s manager Sean Dyche is happy that even the bigger clubs in the Premier League are struggling this season despite having “big resources”. The manager who stated this on Wednesday ahead of the club’s league match against Everton, said: “top managers find it tough at times”.

    Sean Dyche could be referring to big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal that have suddenly turned to mid-table clubs since the commencement of the 2020-2021 season.

    For instance, Manchester City are currently occupying the 11th spot after suffering 2 defeats, three draws, and recorded 4 wins. They have gathered just 15 points out of a possible 27 points.

    While Arsenal have not been able to pick up from the form they ended the 2019-2020 season with. They have struggled to maintain consistency this season as they have recorded 5 defeats, a draw and enjoyed 4 wins in 10 league games so far. They are currently ranked 14 on the league table.

    Manchester United are also struggling as they have been able to record only 5 wins in 9 league games. They have suffered three defeats and a draw which left them in the 9th spot on the league table.

    As for Burnley, coach Sean Dyche has been able to lead his boys to just a victory in 9 league games. He has suffered 6 defeats and two draws which left the team in the 19th spot, just a point above the bottom-placed Sheffield United.

    The last Premier League match Burnley played was against Manchester City which ended 0-5 in favor of City on November 28. Their meeting against 8th placed Everton could sink Burnley deeper into the relegation zone.

    Sean Dyche
    Burnley Sean Dyche

    “They have an incredibly experienced manager and a very good group of players,” the Burnley manager said. “It shows the strength of the Premier League, you’ve never got it sussed in the Premier League.

    “They had a great run of results, most of them they deserved, and played very well and then they suddenly had a tough run of results, the Premier League is a strange animal, it just sneaks up on you.

    “That’s the reality of the Premier League and strangely,y it’s pleasing that even the bigger clubs with big resources and top managers find it tough at times and have bad spells, that can happen to anyone.

    “We have got to focus on ourselves and get ourselves out of our tough spell, we hope to correct it and hope our tough spell is done for the season, it’s not always that easy but that’s what we’re looking to do.”


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