Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United Celebrates his Lover’s Birthday with Open-minded Message [Photo]

    Screenshot 20200419 085331
    Screenshot 20200419 085331

    Manchester United new talisman Bruno Fernandes is truly a sweet loving man who is very proud of his wife. The 25-year-old Portuguese footballer took to his Instagram account on Saturday, April 18 to mark the 25th birthday of his beloved wife, Ana.

    In the picture, the Manchester United midfielder could be seen standing beside his beautiful pregnant wife in an isolated area to signify the kind of season the world has been in.

    The Old Trafford fans’ favourite used the opportunity of his wife’s birthday to flaunt his poetic skill as he wrote a long writeup in Portuguese to pour out his deepest feelings for his longtime partner.

    In the long caption which has been translated to English, Bruno Fernandes lamented how his wife’s 25th birthday was not celebrated as they had wished probably because of the coronavirus pandemic which has caused the world to be on lockdown.

    Fernandes went on to talk about how he has not been perfect for his wife but the woman always finds a way to ensure she carries out her duties even when she feels sick.

    “May you continue that person who is ill to wake up but who always prepares breakfast for me, who complains that I do nothing but still continues to fix everything without asking me for help just so I can complain later 😂”, he wrote.

    “May we continue to celebrate this day of yours for many long years and 1 year from now with another brat in his arms.”

    Bruno Fernandes and Ana: Perfect Lovebirds

    Bruno Fernandes and Ana
    Bruno Fernandes and Ana

    Bruno Fernandes and Ana have been together since they were teenagers in high school. Their love for each other grew with them to adulthood.

    What started as a child play over 9 years ago, has produced a beautiful 3-year-old baby girl named Matilde.

    The former Sporting Lisbon star who joined Manchester United in January 2020 for an initial £47 million transfer fee, recently announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy.

    As the Manchester United star mentioned in his birthday message to his wife, the baby boy would have arrived long before Ana celebrates her 26th birthday.


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