Benjamin Mendy Confessed He Told Rape Victim He would Kidnap Her

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Manchester City embattled defender Benjamin Mendy admitted that he whispered to one of his alleged rape victims “I’m going to kidnap you”.

Earlier at Chester Crown Court on Tuesday, Mendy narrated his interactions with “Woman One”, who accused the footballer of attempting to rape her after they both danced in a club and spent the night at his home with one of his friends who was an occupant.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy

The 28-year-old Manchester City player also admitted he wanted to have ‘mutual sex’ with “Woman One” after he discovered her showering at his home but he left her when she declined.

Mendy told jurors of Chester Crown Court on Tuesday, November 8 that he met the complainant referred to as “Woman One” while he was off duty due to an injury he was nursing in the city of Barcelona in 2017.

He said they met at a club in Manchester around a year after their first encounter where the footballer claims they both “flirted” and “danced together”.

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While Mendy was being questioned by his defense lawyer, Eleanor Laws KC, about each of the charges leveled against him, he confessed that he had joked with woman One that he would “kidnap” her.

Mendy admitted that woman One came along with her boyfriend who is also one of his friends to the night party and claimed they were “both smiling” when he whispered to her hears “I am going to kidnap you” as she danced with her boyfriend.

After the night party, they all went back to his mansion where Woman One alleges Mendy grabbed her and tried to rape her on a mattress.

However, Benjamin Mendy told the jurors that it was woman One who flirted with him and they began romancing each other after he saw her returning from the shower looking “sexy”.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy in national duty for France

The 28-year-old France International further told the Court that woman One then turned him down for sex, saying she had a boyfriend, which he heeded without any fuss.

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The Manchester City defender said he felt abashed of the scenario and told Woman One’s boyfriend which is also his pal if he “was fine with that” after observing she was upset.

Mendy said: “I realize it is disrespectful and bad, I asked him if it was OK if I tried to have sex with her. He told me yes.”

He affirmed to the court that no sex happened between him and woman one, and he never attempted to force the act on her. The embattled footballer claimed that he instructed his driver to take her to the train station so that she could go to her house.

Mendy said he was ‘shock’ as he denied having sex with another acclaimed rape victim, whom the court referred to as Woman Two, who had earlier claimed the 28-year-old France International footballer raped her three times at his home in Prestbury, Cheshire.

The 28-year-old Manchester City defender, Mendy also revealed he likes sleeping with different women on one night as he saw it as fun but he’s just realized it’s abnormal.

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Benjamin Mendy in Manchester City Jersey

He said: “For me it was normal, I realized just now it sounds bad”.

Mendy has earlier stated that he had not been paid by Manchester City since last September, following his arrest at the end of August 2021.

Mendy and Matturie

Benjamin Mendy is facing trial with co-accused Matturie, 41, who was an alleged “fixer” in charge of finding young women for sex.

As it stands, Mendy’s trial continues as he is accused of seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault against six young women.

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