Premier League Announces Start And End Dates For 2023/24 Season

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The English Premier League has announced the start and end dates for the 2023/24 Premier League season.

Premier League

A statement shared by the body’s official website confirmed the development, with the campaign scheduled to start on Saturday 12 August, 2023.

A further breakdown of the season as planned shows that the final match round of the campaign will take place on Sunday, 19 May 2024, with all matches kicking off at the same time.

The 2019 Covid Pandemic twisted the calendar of major football leagues in Europe and the world as a whole, including the English Premier League.

The 2023/24 Premier League is interestingly returning the league to its regular schedule after the ravages of the pandemic, including the twists brought about by the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Premier League confirmed in the statement that congested fixtures would not be repeated in the schedule as it has been done in the current 2022/23 season.

Congested fixtures during the Christmas and New Year eves is a way the body has tried to fixed the disruptions caused by the rescheduled World Cup to return the league to its normal schedule next season.

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So far, the congested fixtures has been a huge challenge for both clubs and players as clubs were forced to go on two rounds of games 48 hours apart. The body assured clubs that such would not repeat itself in the coming season.

They had hoped to return to a regular schedule in the next campaign, and this they have done based on the league’s announcement on Tuesday, November 8.

“In keeping with commitments made to clubs this season to address the congested schedule across Christmas and New Year, no two rounds in this period will take place within 48 hours of each other,” the Premier League announced in a statement.

Also included in the 2023/24 season is the mid-season player break, which will take place between January 13 to January 20.

As planned, there will be a total of 34 weekends, one Bank Holiday match round, and 3 midweek rounds.

There will be 76 clear days from the end of 2022/23 season before the kick off of the 2023/24 season on Saturday 12th of August 2023.

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2023/24 Premier League season will be rounded off on 19 May 2024, and it is believed players will now have enough time to rest at the end of the league before international fixtures begin in June.

The Saturday August start date means that the 2023/24 season will begin a month after the 2022/23 Champions League final on June 10.

Premier League
The 2023/24 Premier League will start a month after the 2022/23 Champions League final

The campaign’s end date (19 May 2024) means that European players have less than a month to prepare for Euros 2024.

The Premier League is one of the most glamorous and competitive football leagues in the world, commanding a massive following across the globe.

It is the highest level of the English male football league system, operating on relegation and promotion in conjunction with the English Football League’s guidelines.

Premier League seasons usually start from May of each year to August the following year. However, the past three seasons have seen a slight shift in the start and end dates of the league due to the Covid Pandemic and the 2022 World Cup taking place in Winter in Qatar.

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Founded as the FA Premier League in 1992, Richard Masters is the Chief Executive of the body, and all the 20 clubs that play in the league are shareholders.

Manchester City is the current champion of the Premier League, winning it for the 6th time in its history.

Manchester United is the team with the most titles, winning it for a record 13 times in its history.

Gareth Barry is the player with the most appearances in the competition, having played in the competition for a record 653 times, while Alan Shearer is the Premier League’s all-time highest goal scorer, with a record 260 goals.

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