Barcelona Struggling To Register New Manager Hansi Flick Amid Financial Woes


Barcelona are currently facing difficulties in officially registering their new manager, Hansi Flick, as the club continues to battle with financial crises.
The former Bayern Munich manager was
appointed as Barcelona manager after the club decided to part ways with Xavi Hernandez in an unexpected manner.
The German signed a two-year deal with Barcelona, but he has not been registered with La Liga. 
This is not the first time the Spanish club have had difficulties registering players and staff in recent seasons due to financial constraints. 


Several first-team players waited for a long time before they were offered shirt numbers. 
The club had previously activated a series of economic levers that involved players accepting a reduction in their salaries and selling off some future broadcasting rights.
In addition, the club sold part of their image rights in exchange for cash injections for new players and staff. Initially, Barcelona sold around 49% of the Barcelona studio when the financial crisis was at its peak.
The club is still waiting for a £85.5 million payment from Libero, who bought 49% of the Barcelona studio.
Also, the Barcelona bosses considered selling part of the club to private individuals.
Xavi previously announced he would be staying with the Catalan Giant after a series of convincing performances and discussions with the Barca bosses.
However, Barcelona sacked Xavi after a huge disagreement due to the transfer policies of the club.
Xavi revealed in a press conference that the next Barcelona manager will suffer due to the financial constraints the side are trying to operate under.
After he was sacked, he said, “To the new manager, I tell you: You will suffer. He said this after Barca’s 2-1 win over Sevilla. This is a difficult job, and you have to be patient.”
Xavi added, “Think that our work has not been appreciated enough. I took over when the team was in ninth place, finished the season in second place, and won the league the next season.”

The new Barca manager, Flick, was born on February 24, 1965, in the city of Heidelberg, Germany. He is currently 59 years old, with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Hansi Flick Achievements 

He won the FIFA Club World Cup, the Champions League, two German Bundesliga titles, the DFB Pokal, the Super Cup, and the German Super Cup with Bayern Munich. 
He won the FIFA World Cup with Germany in 2014. Flick won the Four-Baden Cup with Hoffenheim. 
What languages does Hansi Flick speak?

The current manager of Barcelona is fluent in speaking German. He is currently learning the Spanish language after agreeing to manage Barcelona.

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