Antony: Two More Women Accuses Star After Ex-Gilfriend’s Claims


Manchester United’s Antony is now in more trouble as two more women accuse the Brazilian of assault after his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, made weighty allegations.

Antony: Two More Women Accuses Star After Ex-Gilfriend's Claims

Recall we reported that Antony released a statement calling the accusations false which was made by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

We also reported that his current girlfriend Roseline Silva was seen leaving their home in Cheshire following the accusations.

However, recent reports have it that Law student Rayssa de Freitas and banker Ingrid Lana have now also accused the United ace of physical attacks.

This report on former Ajax and United winger Antony was released by Brazilian outlets Jornal Extra and Record Report.

Also, a public report from May 2022 by Rayssa alleges violent behavior by the Manchester United star and internet celebrity Mallu Ohana.

Rayssa while speaking on the allegation, claimed that it happened when she and Mallu got into the backseat of Antony’s car after a night outing in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She also revealed that Antony was driving and his hairdresser Rafa Contes was together with them in the vehicle.

She told the police that she ended up abandoning Mallu because she didn’t want to “continue the fun” with the rest of them.

Speaking to the Police, Rayssa alleged that the outing turned violent and she was subsequently attacked by Antony and Mallu.

The Law student also claimed that she immediately opened the back door of the car and fled as Antony stopped at a traffic light.

Antony: Two More Women Accuses Star After Ex-Gilfriend's Claims
Antony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

In the police report, it was also claimed that a motorcyclist driving behind the Land Rover reportedly witnessed the alleged attack and wrote down Antony’s license plate.

Antony reportedly drove off to an unknown destination immediately Rayssa got out of the car as reported by the motorcyclist.

Following the row with the Brazilian star and his friend Mallu, the Law student was reportedly hospitalized afterward.

Ingrid Lana is the third person to come out to accuse the Brazilian after Rayssa and his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

Lana, 33, is a banker and has accused Antony of physical violence in an interview with Record – interview to be aired on Sunday.

Speaking with Record, Ingrid claimed that: “He tried having [sexual] relations with me, but pushed me against a wall when I refused, and I hit my head.”

Ingrid also claims the alleged attack happened last year in October at the house of the Manchester United star Antony.

In the unaired interview, the banker revealed that she was never in a relationship with the player and found his behavior to be strange.

“I was there strictly for business. He invited me and upon my arrival I discovered he had second intentions. I was never anyone’s mistress,” Ingrid added.

Antony’s representatives slammed the allegation calling it “unfounded” following the latest accusations.

Antony’s alleged message to ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

News outlet F5 issued the statement, which read: “The player Antony Matheus dos Santos has been the target of unfounded accusations made by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.”

“Antony, through his defenders, has been closely following the police investigations within the scope of the ongoing inquiry at the 5th Police Station for the Defense of Women and trusts in the seriousness of the work of the police authority.”

“The investigation is being carried out in judicial secrecy, with no further comments on its content.”

“In respect for the principle of presumption of innocence, sober, impartial, cautious and professional treatment is expected from the media and the Civil Police, Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the Judiciary act with impartiality and with respect for the right to defence.”

“Antony will remain at the disposal of the police authorities, trusting that, in the end, the truth will prevail with the recognition of his innocence.”

These fresh accusations came hours after Manchester United denied claims that they tried covering up the assault allegations by Gabriela Cavallin against Antony.

Greater Manchester Police as well as Sao Paulo Civil Police are currently investigating the allegations of the said assault.

The United star was axed from the Brazilian national team squad following accusations of assault from Gabriela Cavallin.


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