Why Manchester United Refuse to Suspend Antony After Domestic Violence Allegations

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Manchester United have bounced off pressure to suspend Antony following allegations of domestic violence by his former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

The club has said that it is taking the allegations “seriously” but that it will not suspend Antony until there is more evidence.

There are a few possible reasons why Manchester United has refused to suspend Antony. One possibility is that the club believes that the allegations are false. Another possibility is that the club believes that he is innocent until proven guilty. The club may also be concerned about the legal implications of suspending Antony without any concrete evidence.


Whatever the reason, Manchester United’s decision not to suspend the Brazilian footballer has been met with criticism from some quarters. Domestic abuse charities have called on the club to take action, arguing that suspending Antony would send a message that the club does not tolerate violence against women.

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It remains to be seen how the situation will develop. If the allegations against the embattled winger are proven to be true, the club may face disciplinary action from the Premier League. However, if the allegations are false, Antony could sue the club for damages.

In the meantime, the former Ajax star is expected to be available for selection for Manchester United’s upcoming matches.

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